Employee Empowerment Opportunities Part Mgt 530 H

Employee Empowerment Opportunities Part Mgt 530 H

Employee Empowerment Opportunities Part Mgt 530 H

The Request consists of providing the solution to two of the discussions for my MGT 530 class. Each solution should be provided in a separate document and should be no less than 500 words (but it should NOT exceed 600 words). Each of the task should be delivered in a different Microsoft Word document and should have their own academic references (at least 2 reference for each of the request). As you can see, this is a short task which means that it should not take too much time to complete. Even so, it is essential to ensure that you provide quality answers, relevant to this field.

Below you have the professor request for the two discussions:

Part 1: Lean Operations and Scheduling (500-600 words)

Request: Lean manufacturing is a philosophy of production that focuses on the minimization of resources used throughout the organization in the production of goods and services. Lean manufacturing involves identifying and eliminating non-value adding activities in design, production, supply-chain management, and in dealing with the customers.

Select a manufacturing business in the Middle East and discuss the following:

  • What the company does
  • Its value adding and non-value adding activities, including tools for Lean Six Sigma such as just-in-time manufacturing
  • Any rapid change-over activities the company uses or could use
  • The company’s employee empowerment opportunities

Part 2: Lean Operations and Scheduling (550-600 words)

At the point where the plan is implemented, inevitably problems arise. Rarely is a strategy or plan implemented perfectly, mainly because it’s impossible to foresee every problem and accurately assess how employees react in a given situation. Additionally, the business environment and world keep changing, so change management is an evolving process.

  • Think about how to develop your skills as an agent of change in the future.
  • What new changes do you think will influence the need for change? Incorporate factors specific to Saudi Arabia’s future.
  • What existing tools do you think will still work and why?
  • Will the changes positively or negatively impact the need for change?
  • Translate what they will need to change to how they will change it in the future

Embed course material concepts, principles, and theories, which require supporting citations along with at least two scholarly, peer-reviewed reference in supporting your answer.

I attached the class powerpoint which might contain information that can help you.All references need to be academic ones.

As always, please make sure you provide a work with NO plagiarisn and NO grammar errors.