ENGL 101: College Composition Research Project

ENGL 101: College Composition Research Project

Inventory Management during COVID-19

Inventory Management during COVID-19

ENGL 101: College Composition Research Project



Essay Workshop (5%)

You Will be required to participate in a peer-editing workshop using a rough draft or detailed outline Of your research essay _ Your may use the outline provided on C4, or you can write your own draft.

In order to participate in the workshop, you must have a complete outline or draft, including your thesis statement, topic sentences, supporting points, and evidence from your research. Workshops Will take place over Zoom on the date outlined in the syllabus. In order to receive credit for the workshop you must l) be prepared for the workshop, and 2) complete the self- reflection assignment on C4 after the workshop is finished

Essay (15%)

This part Of the assignment Will require you to analyse and discuss your topic — it is not just a presentation of facts and evidence! paper should be approximately 1650 words in length and must follow MLA formatting and citation guidelines throughout.

The final paper must also contain the following elements: An introduction, conclusion, and clearly identifiable thesis statement

Main discussion section: paragraphs of evidence, analysis, examples, expert testimony etc.

MLA style bibliography that includes a minimum Of S sources. At least 3 Of these sources must be academic,’scholarly in nature and each source must be cited at least once in the body Of the paper.

PLEASE NOTE: NO more than 30% of your paper may be another’s referenced works or ideas —if your paper simply reassembles sources from elsewhere Without the addition Of your own thoughts, then this constitutes a breach Of academic honesty/integrity and could result in a grade of 0 on the assignment


Note that these topics are all quite broad, you Will have to decide What you want to focus on and narrow down the topic considerably for your final paper.