English Week 1 Discussion

English Week 1 Discussion

Inventory Management during COVID-19

Inventory Management during COVID-19

English Week 1 Discussion

Required Resources

Read/review the following resources for this activity:

Textbook: pp. 63-91, and review pp. 266-270


Minimum of 1 scholarly, peer-reviewed article from the Chamberlain University Library (Links to an external site.) (in addition to the textbook)

Apply the following writing resources to your assignment:

Link (multimedia presentation): Citing References in Text (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

Link (website): APA Citation and Writing (Links to an external site.)

Part 1: Research, Read, Think, Respond

First, please note the course theme announcement your instructor has posted. Your topic must address the course theme. Then, carefully read this week’s Lesson and textbook pages. Once you have completed and considered those readings, with the assigned course theme in mind, you should have some viable starting ideas for a tentative topic.

Next, with a few of your own potential topics related to the course theme in mind, please go to the Chamberlain University Library (Links to an external site.). Please first review the Searching for Scholarly Sources in the Chamberlain University Library tutorial in the bulleted list above under Required Resources (important and helpful), and then spend a good amount of time experimenting with keywords and narrowing techniques.

During this process, the tentative topics you had in mind when you started will narrow, possibly change, perhaps take on different qualities. Your goal for this discussion is to generate possible topics, to research and locate scholarly sources that address those possible topics, and to narrow to a focused topic you will write about for the course. Instructions for Your Discussion Post:

Referring back to the “But How Do I Choose My Topic” section of the Lesson, share your approaches to each step and which tentative topic and stance you arrived at. In one rich, substantive paragraph, address the following:

During the exploration of topics phase, which of the topic generation methods from this week’s lesson worked best for you and why? Please be specific and offer examples. Did you brainstorm and narrow? How?

Describe your use of the questioning process that helped you to narrow your focus, the Who, Where, When, Why, How.

When you spent time thinking about whether your topic is truly debatable, what possibilities arose? Where do you stand? Where might others stand with or in opposition to you?