Entertainment Factor Grossmont College The Most

Entertainment Factor Grossmont College The Most

Entertainment Factor Grossmont College The Most

The goal of your essay is to develop an argumentative thesis related to Covid-19, then create an essay using evidence and various rhetorical strategies to prove that thesis.

The Module II essay will be five (7) pages long and observe the standard MLA guidelines. Also, because you will be doing research, you will need to include a Bibliography/Works Cited plus In-Text Citations to show your research sources.

you have to follow this pattern:

A-Intro :

1-Hook: it should be a very strong hook that will grab the reader.(“Hook,” first impression, establish high level of emotion and drama)

2- Context: You will talk in general about Covid-19 and give some statistics about it

3- Thesis: Social distancing, face covering and quarantine are the most effective tools to stop the spread of covid-19 and keep everybody safe.

B-Body: Sections with Sub-Headers to help divide the Body of the essay into smaller, manageable, logical units

1-Face covering:First, face covering becomes a must because it helps in beating covid-19 and stops it from the spread. Details

2-Social distancing:Second, social distancing has shown a positive result when it comes to controlling the spread of covid-19. Details

3- Counter Argument: reformulate this idea ( the best way to stop the spread of covid-19 is to let people get exposed to the virus in order to make their immune system stronger. As a result, their body will be able to beat the virus using antibodies.)

4-Quarantine: Lastly, Quarantine is an effective way to stop the spread of covid-19.

C-Conclusion that does more than provide simple summary, add something new related to covid-19. add some refutation.


Writer creates a unique, intelligent Voice

___Paper is unified around one thesis and flows evenly and logically throughout

___ Advanced command of vocabulary and diction

___ Advanced command of sentence variety and punctuation

___Advanced command of rhetorical strategies

___Ability to create appropriate emotion and move the reader

___Ability to create drama, tension, and suspense and “grip” the reader

___Ability to provide examples, stories, and metaphors that “humanize” the arguments

___Research and evidence is extremely convincing

___Paper should be (7) pages long (cover paper and work cited not included ) and observe the standard MLA guidelines.

____ You have to convince your audience of your argument.

____ Using the entire essay to prove the Thesis, and you should use Diction and Tone.

____ You should use Addition, Cause/Effect, Concession, Comparison/Contrast, Example, Place,Restatement, Sequence, Summary, Time.

___ You should include Creating tension, emotion, and drama Ethos, logos, pathos Storytelling and the “entertainment factor”

_____ You should use one citation per section, and develop the section paragraph based on that citation to prove the thesis.