Example Problem Statementthe Walden Racism Exten

Example Problem Statementthe Walden Racism Exten

Example Problem Statementthe Walden Racism Exten

Create a 2 paragraph summary of your Major Assessment. The paragraphs should include:

Your problem statement and the basics of your action plan

Your specific intervention

The professional development your think will help resolve the problem

An overview of the timeline you will use in your action plan

****This is an example******

” Problem Statement

The low performing school is in an urban school district located in the southeast side of Atlanta, Georgia. The school demographics are the student population 90% African American with 99% of the student population receives free and reduced lunch. Due to the large number of students who receive free and reduced lunch, the school has been identified as a Title I School. The school has a mixture of new teachers and veteran teachers. Since the school district focuses on offering incentives to newly hired teachers, the administrators at the school would like to implement a plan of action that will recognize those highly effective teachers who have been at the school for more than 5 years.

Action Plan

Reviewing the performance of teachers who have 5 or more years of teaching experience. Teachers who have yearly evaluations that exceed expectations will receive an incentive, either monetary, special parking spots in the front of the building, extra planning time once a month, or leave early passes. An incentive committee will be created by administrative staff. 2-3 staff members will be recognized per month. There will be a section where staff members can nominate another fellow staff member.

Timeline for Action Plan

To implement a plan with fidelity and for teachers to buy into the incentive program, the team will need a maximum of one school year to plan and create criteria for recognition.


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Create two pages

The program you plan can be configured in any way you think best addresses the issue you identified at your selected school. However, it must use best practices and research-based strategies.

The program should include seminars and additional support, continuing over a specified period of time, based upon the issue you are addressing. Make certain to consider:

What critical topics regarding adult learning and development would you include in the sessions?

What principles of adult learning would you consider in designing the workshops?

How would you follow up the training to maximize learning opportunities for stakeholders?

How will your decisions impact your supervision?