Excel Sheet File Engg 0004 Middle East College W

Excel Sheet File Engg 0004 Middle East College W

Excel Sheet File Engg 0004 Middle East College W

Learning Outcomes

a. Apply basic principles of management to the use of materials, plant and labour on construction projects.

b. Identify the issues involved in securing productivity gains in construction.

Assignment Objective

  • Apply the sets of skills and knowledge that was accumulated to demonstrate his/her ability in preparing a reasonable plan for a project
  • Identify the issues in securing productivity of labors or crews in construction
  • Task:

    The following project case is exercise that can be solved individually. In the project, students will have hands-on experience in developing an integrated framework for the resource management, project costs, project control and productivity.


    In the following project (Figure 1), a simple warehouse is to be constructed. The building consists of a receiving area, shipping, order picking, order assembly area, storage, miscellaneous area and office. After 10 weeks of starting the construction, the project planner has reviewed the work progress of the activities in the project. The objectives are to follow the project plan, monitor actual site execution and keep track of resources, compare actual versus planned progress and take corrective actions at any stage. The resource bank involves crane, excavator, material, and labor resources are given in the attached “ENGG 0004.1_Assessment 2-Data_Fall 2020” Excel sheet. List of project activities, durations, logical relationships, and list of required resources are given in Table 1 and the actual data obtained from the site is given in Table 2. On the other hand, tables 3 and 4 for the Excavator and labor’s productivity data.

    Note: here in this area should be a figure 1 for Warehouse plan, but I’ve uploaded as picture named “Figure 1: Warehouse Plan”.


    1. By using the data provided in Table 1, Find the project duration after constructing the network diagram.

    2. According to the project data, only 8 Labours are available for the work and each activity must be completed without break. Manually allocate resources and find the minimum project duration (for labour resource only and neglect others). Also, identify in details the main problems associated with resources.

    3. Determine the total budget (Planned budget) of the project. Show all calculation steps.

    4. Calculate BCWS, BCWP, ACWP, CV, and SV for the project manually, comment on the progress of the project.

    5. Evaluate cost and schedule performance ratios for materials and crane only. Comment on progress of the contract.

    6. Calculate the total cost per hour for the excavator which is powered by a 200-hp engine based on the data provided in Table 3.

    7. Find the duration of an interior and exterior painting activities with quantities of X1 2 and X2 2respectively, using crews of Y1 2/hours and Y2 2/hours for the interior and exterior painting activities respectively. Then find the total hours for the whole painting work. (Use Table 4)

    8. As a project Manager, what if the project schedule exceeds the required completion date?


  • The project start date must be 2nd Dec 2020.
  • Update the information of the project resources as follows:
  • Here should be a table, I’ve uploaded in word file named “Resources”.

  • Project tracking date is 15th January 2021.
  • Any missing data can be reasonably assumed.
  • Sections of the Report

    The Report should contain the following sections:

  • Introduction
  • Your Deliverables and Discussion
  • Conclusions
  • References
  • 1. Introduction (maximum 150 words)

  • Summarize the brief history and theory on that topic.
  • Outline the case and focus on its significance (problem statement).
  • Introduce the project
  • How has the work been done?
  • Give the general plan of the report.
  • 2. Your Deliverables & Discussion (maximum 1000 words)

  • Constructing the Gantt chart and finding requirements.
  • Assigning the required resources (materials, labor, crane, and excavator).
  • Leveling the resources and solve the problem associated with a limited resource.
  • Tracking the progress of the project during the construction.
  • Manual calculations
  • Discussion
  • 3. Conclusions (maximum 150 words)

    State briefly what are the major achievements of your work?

    4. References (minimum 6 references)

    Use CU-Harvard referencing system as per our college rule.

    *** Words count = 1700 words.

    *** In-Text Citations and References using Harvard style.

    *** Two attachments has been uploaded named “Figure 1: Warehouse Plan” and “Resources”.

    *** I’ve uploaded the proposal.

    *** Excel sheet file uploaded named “ENGG 0004.1_Assessment 2-Data_Fall 2020”, use the name:

    Abdullah Saleh Issa Al Farsi (20S20109)