Facilitate Teamwork Rutgers University Newark H

Facilitate Teamwork Rutgers University Newark H

Facilitate Teamwork Rutgers University Newark H

IONS MP^2 Mentoring (Mentoring Management Project for Professionals) Program Overview

• The programs pairs experienced consultants with inexperienced associates to work on complex and expensive projects for ICS clients.

The goals of the MP^2 Program include:
• Transfer knowledge from older, more experienced project consultants to the junior, inexperienced consultants; where IONS Consulting core competencies included IT project solutions (e.g., systems integration, network management, custom application development, and e-commerce development)
• Facilitate teamwork
• Provide skills upgrades
• Improve the quality of client service

Consulting Background Questions
1. Complete some research and describe the kind of work consultants/management consultants do.
2. Identify two companies that hire HR Consultants in the US.
3. What is the average salary for a HR Consultant?
4. Name and describe 4-5 skills people need to be a consultant/management consultant.

IONS Consulting Case Questions
5. As the new Human Resources Director, how did Clark Loon plan to reshape employee production at Ions Consulting Services? That is, describe the employee need the MP^2 Mentoring program was supposed to solve?
6. Please describe what is happening at ICS as it relates to the changes in their workforce. How did the changes in the business impact the employees at ICS?
7. What was the competitive advantage of ICS in the past?
8. What did Clark believe would both improve the job performance of the consultants, along with increasing their job satisfaction and employee commitment?
9. Describe the MP^2 Program created by Clark?
10. Is the MP^2 Program focused on training or developing employees at ICS?

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