Feedback Clearly Addresses Specific Entrepreneurs

Feedback Clearly Addresses Specific Entrepreneurs

Feedback Clearly Addresses Specific Entrepreneurs

Students assignment rubric:

The purpose of this assignment is to pull together what you have learned about a problem and the people who experience the problem, and demonstrate your empathy for the PROCESSES AND PAIN they experience with alternative solutions. Great processes may elicit delight. Terrible processes likely elicit frustration. Opportunity lives at the intersection of problems, people, and pain! Understanding your customers’ journey with current alternatives may reveal windows of opportunity where you can make things better.

You must complete both pages of the customer journey template provided below. You must use observation, experiences, and (at your own risk) imagination to describe what your customer persona experiences with a particular solution (the one you think they’d be most likely to use) when faced with a particular situation (i.e., jobs-to-be-done in some setting). You must do this for five phases of their journey – when they first became AWARE of their alternative, how they ASSESS the quality/helpfulness of the alternative (is it easy/hard to evaluate and choose), how they make a PURCHASE, what the USE EXPERIENCE is like, and what the POST USE experience is like. On the second page you must characterize how these experiences make your customer persona feel, and describe why poor processes are not better and how you might improve things to make those processes delightful.

This is a relatively complex assignment because it is multi-faceted. Let me offer a few important tips:

  1. Remember that this is NOT a description related to YOUR IDEA. You are describing how ONE PERSON (persona) interacts with ONE CURRENTLY AVAILABLE SOLUTION.
  2. This is easier if you think of each column like you are filming scenes in a movie – what happens when your customer first becomes aware of this solution? What happens when they use it? etc… If you can use your empathy to “see” the action, facial expressions, emotions, etc., you should be able to fill this out effectively.
  3. It’s OK to leave a cell or two blank if you don’t think filling them out makes sense, but you should be able to fill out all or almost all of these if you close your eyes and create “mini-movies” of your customer interacting with the current alternative you selected.
  4. On the second page your are asked to suggest barriers to delightful experiences and ways you could improve those experiences. It’s OK to leave a couple of those blank if the current experiences in particular phases of the journey are awesome (and therefore hard to improve – e.g., Amazon’s one-touch purchasing process).

This assignment rubric:

Entrepreneurs love spending time together networking and supporting each others success. This assignment invites you to support our learning community and the success or your peers by asking you to provide thoughtful developmental feedback on four Customer Journey descriptions that have been assigned to you.

Here are some suggestions for the kinds of issues you might address:

  • Clear? – How could they improve their description to make it easier to understand?
  • Complete? – What elements are missing or poorly developed?
  • Convincing? – What evidence would make their description or conclusions more credible?
  • Compelling? – What would make their insights/proposals better, bigger, bolder?

PLEASE PROVIDE AT LEAST TWO CONCISE SUGGESTIONS (2-3 sentences each, 4-6 sentences total) THAT INCLUDE SPECIFIC REFERENCE TO STATEMENTS FROM THEIR WRITTEN RESPONSES . You will submit your feedback to your peers in Webcourses, AND submit copies of all of your Peer Feedback responses in a Word document to this assignment. Here are the criteria we will use to grade your feedback:

  • Quality: Comments are substantial, clearly presented, and respectful
  • Relevance: Feedback clearly addresses specific assignment responses
  • Potential Contribution: Thoughtful, creative, and practical advice that would add value if adopted

You can write all comments in 1 word document (4-6 sentences comment for each powerpoint assignment)+ put notes for the grading regarding the attached rubric by each comment