Feedback Considerations Structure Download Please

Feedback Considerations Structure Download Please

Feedback Considerations Structure Download Please

Required Reading/Viewing

The following reading/viewing will provide you with the input you need to successfully complete this assignment.

  • Executives Download Executivesby House, Layton, Livingston & Moseley from The Engineering Communication Manual. This brief chapter introduces how to effectively communicate for Executives.
  • ‘professional tone’ and writing to accomplish it.

The reading is provided to assist you with revising, editing, and proofreading your document and understanding why these are essential steps for effective communication.

The writing readings required for IDL 1 are hyperlinked here in case you want to review any information from them: revising drafts, (Links to an external site.) flow (Links to an external site.), , editing and proofreading (Links to an external site.), and reading aloud. (Links to an external site.)

Compose Content

Use the template provided for the memorandum. Refer to the assignment overview for the description of the assignment problem.

No quotations and NO plagiarism Quotations are rarely used in professional engineering and computer science writing; do not get in the habit of doing this. The words in your document must represent your own thinking based on the information you have gathered. Citing credible sources from which you got ideas gives you credibility, and it is required in this work. Review the Plagiarism page if you are unclear on what constitutes plagiarism or are from a region of the world that may think about it differently.

Document Structure

To complete this assignment, you must use this memorandum template. Download memorandum template.This memorandum example document

Download memorandum example documentprovides an example using a different topic of the scope and detail of the document; pay attention to the appearance of your final memorandum. Use all headings as shown.

Your document will have the following elements:

  • List summarizing your revisions (see detail in the section below)
  • Memorandum Header. Use the header and header information on the provided template until you get to the “Re” line which is what the document is about and is the same as a title. Compose this line to specifically say what your memorandum is about as succinctly as possible.
  • Introduction. As with any professional document, the beginning of the document needs to provide readers with an overview of why it is important to them and what it will address. State what is important to the audience when it comes to agreeing to your request. Include a thesis statement, that presents the main idea of the document and why it is being presented. State that you will support this in two ways – 1) the ways in which probability and statistics are used in the work of the [your field] division; and 2) how probability and statistics proficiency of employees contribute to organization success.
  • Probability and Statistics Use in [Your Field] Division Services. Using the understanding of probability and statistics in your field you developed in assignment IDL 1, revise your communication of this material to support the arguments you are making to executives. To assist you with this, remember the roles of executives within the organization as described in your reading. Be sure you explain these in terms of their priorities. In-text citations are required in this section.
  • The Importance of Probability and Statistics Literacy for Our Division’s Operational Success. In this section, you will present your argument as a cohesive well-written section. You will incorporate the data from Analytics and AI-driven enterprises thrive in the age of with: The culture catalyst (Links to an external site.) as evidence. In-text citations are required in this section. At least one in-text citation is required in this section; a minimum of two in-text citations are required if you complete the extra credit.
    • Extra Credit Option: If you complete the extra credit option detailed below, it will be part of this section.
  • Conclusion. In this section, reverse the order of your introduction content, maintain your meaning but use different words. Be sure to end with a statement of what you accomplished (your objective for writing it) by providing this memorandum.
  • Reference List. The document will end with an APA formatted reference list (Links to an external site.) with a minimum of 4 sources. Only include items on the reference list for which you have made an APA in-text citation (Links to an external site.) in your document. You are required to have an in-text citation at any place in your memorandum where you have used the ideas, data, or images of others.
  • Extra Credit: If you complete the extra credit, insert a page break at the end of the assignment content, and paste in the review you completed for your classmate. You will not get credit without actionable feedback being provided.

Completing Review and Revision

Review and Revise Your Document Draft

At least one day after completing your draft and after the review workshop, revisit your draft and review it for:

Revise your work as needed. Even professional writers revise their work to make it better. If you feel you do not need any revision, you are not looking carefully enough. Keep a running list of the revisions you make. This list can be a bullet-pointed list that is a brief but understandable documentation of what type of changes you made and where you did this in the document. For example:

  • Content – I added more detail to the Use of statistics in my field, as mine lacked detail
  • Coherent – I revised sentence structure to make the introduction, use of statistics, and conclusion read more coherently
  • Clarity – I see I used the word things frequently and revised the document to use more specific wording to use statistics and enhance my employability sections.

Assignment Deliverable and Submittal

Deliverable: A 800-1400 word handout using the appropriate template, provided on the hyperlinked in the compose content section of the draft assignment. The bullet-pointed list included before the memorandum and required reference list do not count as part of the word count.

Submittal: All assignments must be uploaded to the appropriate Canvas assignment before the assignment closes. I save the document as a pdf before submitting it, as pdfs are better for maintaining the document format than MS Word. No formats other than pdf and MS Word will be accepted, as they will not be readable for the graders.

Extra Credit

Extra Credit Option (up to 5 points) – The Extra Credit for this assignment is to complete a peer review with a classmate.

To complete the review:

  1. Go to the People tab of your Canvas course page, then click on the “Peer Review Tab” you can sign up for a group in which to complete a peer review. Do this early and then communicate through Canvas message with the person you signed up with to arrange to exchange documents.
  2. Use the Feedback Considerations structure
  3. Download Feedback Considerations structureto complete your peer review copy and paste it, after a page break, at the end of your document. (Using this format is required so the graders can effectively review your work.)The document you will attach is the review you complete for another student. Use the review you receive to aid you in completing the revision list for your document.