Fill Points Pleas Make Eng 350 Kenyattta Universi

Fill Points Pleas Make Eng 350 Kenyattta Universi

Fill Points Pleas Make Eng 350 Kenyattta Universi

This is a discussion question is :

1. Please choose one of the guiding questions from this week, and do your best to respond to it.

The questions list :

  • How does Fanon evoke the concept of border(s)?
  • Why does Fanon compare Christianity to pesticides?
  • How does Fanon say the colonizer “dehumanizes” the colonized? What is the consequence of thisdehumanization?
  • Who are the colonized elite and colonized intellectuals? Can you think of contemporary examples of this?
  • Why does Fanon say violence is necessary to end colonialism? What does he think about the relationship between violence and the colonized?
  • How does Fanon understand “reformism,” and what is the problem with it?
  • What is national liberation? How is it distinct from nationalist political parties?
  • How does Fanon understand the role of the peasantry in decolonization?
  • What is the role of nonviolence indecolonization? (p. 23)
  • How does capitalism as an economicsystem shape colonialism?
  • How does the national bourgeoiseattempt to stifle decolonial movements?
  • What role does the Western press play in enforcing imperialism? (37)
  • How does the national bourgeoise attempt to stifle decolonial movements?

2. You should then choose a term that you found interesting OR that you feel you still don’t understand. Do your best to define the term, using quotations from the reading but primarily through your own paraphrasing. Note : you will choose the term from the reading that I uploaded. Read it all and understand it then choose the term.

3. End the post by posing a question to your peers.

My question to my peers is: what if the western press wasn’t enforcing imperialism and spoke the truth to the people?

You can answer this question if you read the reading.

Single spaced please and make it unique. In order for me to get the fill points pleas make sure to answer the three parts the I include above.