Five Points Apa Prince Georges Community College

Five Points Apa Prince Georges Community College

Five Points Apa Prince Georges Community College

Fictional Character Analysis


The focus of this assignment is to demonstrate your understanding of the basic theories and techniques of abnormal psychology.  To achieve this, you will present your analysis of a character from a favorite book (fiction) or from a favorite movie. Choose a character that you believe has a psychological disorder. The character from the book or film should not be based on a “real” person. Characters from television or web series are not acceptable for this project. Describe the character and his or her problems, using this discussion as a foundation for diagnosing the individual and for planning a treatment program. Make your diagnosis using the International Classification of Diseases, Tenth Revision (ICD-10 link).

Carefully take the reader through the steps you followed to decide your responses to the following required seven questions.

Compose your responses in a cohesive, well-organized 6 to 8-page paper.

Required questions (scored):

  1. What is your diagnosis of the character? Be clear in your rationale. Depending on the character selected Make sure you have plenty of information to support your diagnosis (i.e., clarify why the character meets the criteria according to the ICD-10 codes). (15 points)
  2. What are the key symptoms that led you to your diagnosis or treatment concern? Explain and be specific. (15 points)
  3. What are your treatment goals for your selected fictional character? Address treatment and treatment type (e.g., therapy, possible medication, referrals to other professionals). (15 points)
  4. What are the character’s strengths as you see them (look for these to assist you in being a good helper for progress)? (10 points)
  5. What are areas for improvement for the character? Explain. (10 points)
  6. What are two homework assignments you would like to give the character to work on? Include homework assignments for this client in order to anchor commitment to treatment and results attainment. (10 points)
  7. What are some areas you would like to explore? (For example, relationships with others, professional goals.) Discuss your reasons for wanting to find out this information. (10 points)

Communications (scored):  Writing mechanics (i.e., spelling, grammar) (5 points); Organization (introduction, body, conclusions) (five points); APA Style (5 points)

Additional recommendations: Make sure you support your diagnosis and treatment decisions with outside resources. Discuss how and why your proposed treatments would be effective for your character, and in what ways.