Follow Solution Usf Parking Problem Solution A

Follow Solution Usf Parking Problem Solution A

Follow Solution Usf Parking Problem Solution A

research and write how feasible is this solution


  • Increase the busses on campus to increase the run time.

NOTE: The background information of the problem is already written this proposed solution report is only a part of a bigger group project.


1. Research cost and time to complete the project.

2. Find if the university budget is able to accommodate, if not, mention ways in order to meet the required budget.

3. Write about how increasing the busses and improving the system will help solving the parking issue in campus

4. Feel free to include figures and graphs.

LENGTH: 3 Pages

layout to follow:

• Solution

• Description

• Whether/how/how well it satisfies the decision criteria

• Research proving whether or it is feasible

overview about the solution :Improve busses on campus to increase usage.

  • The transportation system at USF is not very satisfying to the students and the extremely low usage of the bull runners is proof of that. Improving the bus services would definitely cause a major transition in the overall commuting issues at USF.
  • There are two main issues with USF’s bus system that are leading to a decrease in the usage of it. The first one is that bull runners do not extend much more than one mile from the campus which is a really small range and does not cover many of the off campus communities. The second issue is the time. The time between a bus and other takes up to 30 minutes for some routes. Also busses are mostly never on time the arrival time on the website doesn’t match the real time of arrival which is a big issue because students won’t actually know when to go to the bus stop.
  • The improvements in USF’s transportation system would definitely help solve the parking issue since students would ride the bus more often.

sources to look at

USF parking and transportation info…

USF parking map /parking/documents/parkingmap.pdf

USF carpooling program…

The Oracle article about parking…

Research about USF parking…

USF parking survey

the research and the survey are very important and informative you should use them