Following 10 Required Items Assessment Of A Socia

Following 10 Required Items Assessment Of A Socia

Following 10 Required Items Assessment Of A Socia

Select an organization that piques your interest and feels like an organization where you would like to volunteer at/work in the future the website

Once you have selected your organization, please review their website and the materials provided in it (e.g., reports, resources etc.) very carefully and then write a paper that describes what you learnt about the organization and its services. Your other sources of information about the organization can be their staff (in case you decide to call them), newspaper articles about the organization, and reports.

The following 10 required items must be thoroughly described in a narrative form in your paper.

a)Name and contact details of the organization

b)Mission Statement, Goals & Purposes of the organization.

c)Funding sources for the organization

d)To what licensing and/or accreditation body is the organization responsible?

e)Population that is served by the organization (e.g., children, teenage parents, refugees) and types of problems they experience

f)Methods used to help the people who are served; (e.g., individual counseling, support groups etc.)

g)Any details on the organizational leadership and staff members (e.g., academic degrees, licenses and/or certifications, work experience)

h)Social Work Code of Ethics (See Highlight 2.1 “Ethical Standards in the NASW Code of Ethics”, page 44 of chapter 2 in your textbook) that the organization appears to focus on – give 3 examples of ethics that they talk about (e.g., confidentiality, privacy, informed consent)

i)Feedback on their website (e.g., things that you really liked in their website? Anything that you think was missing (e.g., COVID-19 information) and would be useful to incorporate in their website? Is it easy-to-use? If you were their client, is there anything else that you would have wanted to see in their website)

j)Your Decision: Now that you know so much about this organization, would you be comfortable volunteering with or working at this organization and with the population they serve; Did this assignment/exercise either positively or negatively impact your thoughts about going into the field of social work?

Use Times New Roman, 12-point font, double-space 6 pages of main text + cover page + reference page = 8 pages