Formatting Instructionsfollow Apa Formatting Csu

Formatting Instructionsfollow Apa Formatting Csu

Formatting Instructionsfollow Apa Formatting Csu

The cultural differences in end-of-life care assignment is a five page (1000-1250 word) written assignment. You will choose one under-represented ethnic racial minority group and research the best practice for end-of-life care for persons of that culture.

Assignment Objectives

These assignment was created to meet the CSU GE Area D and Race and Ethnicity objectives.

(All assignment objectives are linked to the course learning outcomes, indicated by CLO). See the Course Objectives and Alignment Grid to see how the assignment and course objectives are aligned.)

Upon completion of these activities, learners will be able to:

  • Examine beliefs and traditions associated with death and dying among various religions and cultures. (CLO 1, 2, 6-14)
  • Identify the role of the nurse and interprofessional team in providing culturally congruent care to patients and families at EoL (CLO 1, 2, 5-14)

Formatting instructions

  1. Follow APA formatting requirements, with exceptions: No abstract
  2. Paper should be about five pages (excluding reference list).
  3. Paper should have no more than one direct quote.
  4. Make sure to cite information to support claims in APA format.
  5. Label your word.doc file for submission as: CULTURAL_LastName

Assignment Instructions

  1. This assignment will build upon information you learned in each of the modules on EoL care. You may use resources from the modules to help you complete this assignment.
  2. Include at least five peer-reviewed sources to support claims about best practice for your cultural group.
  3. Begin with an introduction that briefly introduces the paper. Headings are not used for introductions in APA format.
  4. This paper has four sections, in addition to the introduction and conclusion. Label each section of the paper with the following headings (in bold):

Background of Culture

  • In this section, provide a description of the culture (under-represented minority) using information from peer-reviewed sources. Provide a general description of the culture, including statistics and information regarding religion, dietary preferences, customs and traditions.

Communication and Involvement of Family

  • In this section,provide a description about how the nurse and the interprofessional team should communicate with the person who is dying and the family. Include any special cultural considerations regarding communication, such as how people should be addressed and who should be included when communicating with the person who is dying. In this section, also talk about any special considerations that should be taken toward the family or caregivers of the person who is dying.

Considerations at Time of Death and After Death

  • In this section, describe the considerations the nurse and the interprofessional team should take at the time of death and after death for people within this culture. Include any religious practices or burial practices unique to the culture.

Differences or Potential Challenges within the U.S. Healthcare System (with consideration of ethnicity, ethnocentrism, and racism)

  • In this section, describe any differences or potential challenges that the death or burial customs of the culture may have within the U.S. Healthcare system. Think about how the structure of the U.S. Healthcare system, regulations, and policies may conflict with the customs and norms of persons from that culture. In this section you should comment on the concepts of ethnicity, ethnocentrism and/ or racism which may affect the EoL care provided to people within the culture.


End with a conclusion that summarizes your paper regarding the EoL care provided to people within the culture you selected.


Include a reference list of at least five peer-reviewed sources in APA format.