Fulfilling Experienceto Increase Repeat Imc Brand

Fulfilling Experienceto Increase Repeat Imc Brand

Fulfilling Experienceto Increase Repeat Imc Brand

Please finish the last part.(Core competencies & Sustainable Competitive Advantage)

Ben and Jerry’s – Combine 2 flavors into 1 container/customizable packaging/being able to ship from online (like Graeter’s)

Found a link with Ben and Jerry’s SWOT analysis, competitors, segmentation, target market, positioning, and USP. Thought that it might help in doing this rough draft that’s due tonight. https://www.mbaskool.com/brandguide/food-and-beverages/13986-ben-a-jerry.html

  • Company description (1 paragraph)

Ben and Jerry’s is an ice cream company that was founded in 1978 by Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield. They opened their first ice cream shop in Burlington, Vermont, and have grown the company throughout the years. Today their ice cream is sold worldwide. The company has been involved in various charity work as well as many social programs. Additionally, they have made themselves known for political stances as well as humorous names for some of their flavors.

  • Strategic Focus & Plan
    • New Product Idea – the team decides on the new product extension of a current brand (describe in detail 3-5 short paragraphs)

(what) Ben and Jerry’s has many different products that people are able to pick. Ben and Jerry’s has six additional pints of ice cream, not including mini cups, pint slices, as well as cookie dough chunks. The extra pints that people are able to buy are their regular ice cream, the Netflix original flavors, non-dairy, moo-phoria light ice cream, core pints, and lastly, they have frozen yogurt pints. We have decided to go with the customization of the different packaging, buy online, and have it shipped to your house for the new product idea. And lastly, to be able to combine your two favorite 16 oz flavors into one 32oz container.

(who) With these new product options, we hope to expand our customer base to all ice cream lovers. We would like to appeal to customers who want to customize their ice cream containers for special occasions. We would like to reach customers who can’t decide on just one flavor of ice cream. Lastly, we would like to make our product available to be shipped, for personal enjoyment and/or to gift to ice cream lovers everywhere.

(how) We plan to reach these new and existing customers in a variety of ways. We will use coupons to promote mixed flavor containers. We will use email lists to inform customers of each new product and service. We will implement an aggressive social media campaign as well as using traditional advertising channels.

  • Goals – 3 to 5 (SMART) goals – what are you trying to achieve with this campaign (each goal must be measurable!)
    • To reach new customers who have not bought our brand in the past
    • To engage existing customers by letting them be a part of flavor decisions
    • To ensure customers are getting a fulfilling experience
    • To increase repeat purchases
  • Core competencies & Sustainable Competitive Advantage (2 paragraphs)
    • What are you really good at (versus competitors)?
    • How are you going to communicate this advantage?