Group Paper on Nurse Interview: Interview with Specialty Nurse

Group Paper on Nurse Interview: Interview with Specialty Nurse

Interview with Specialty Nurse Guidelines

Interview with Specialty Nurse Guidelines

Group Paper on Nurse Interview: Interview with Specialty Nurse


This is a group project and each group must choose a different nurse to interview.

Choose a specialty for nursing that provides care to a vulnerable population. Make arrangements to interview a nurse working in that field. This may be an in-person interview or telephone interview whichever your group and the nurse decide on.

Write a 2 page paper detailing the results of the interview and what you learned from the nurse about the population she/he provides care to.  You may choose any of the specialties we have learned about in this course but it must be pertinent to caring for vulnerable populations.

Here are a few suggestions and I do have contact information for nurses who have agreed to be interviewed. Let me know if you choose one of the suggested nursing specialties and I will give you the information to contact the nurse.

Here are the questions to ask:

  1. Why did you choose this specialty?
  2. How long have you worked in this particular field?
  3. What special training/certification does it require?
  4. What prompted you to become a nurse?
  5. What are you biggest job motivators?
  6. How do you try to create a great patient experience with all you come in contact with?
  7. Would you recommend this specialty to someone else?


Follow the posted rubric specific to this assignment.



 Organization & Structure:  55 Points

  1. Paragraphs are coherent and transition smoothly. (20 Pts)
  2. Structure of interview includes an introduction, research, reflection and conclusion (35 Pts)


  1. Nurse Interview Assessment: 15 Points
  2. Interview paper is no more than 2 pages long (5 Pts)
  3. Specialty is researched regarding the issue of health care delivery, outcomes and vulnerable populations. (10 Pts)


  • Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling: 20 Points
  1. Article review has no more than 3 errors in grammar, punctuation and or spelling (10 Pts)
  2. Clear statements, well organized, smooth transitions and sequencing (10 Pts)


  1. APA Formatting & References: 20 Points
  2. APA format, citing, title page, references if used other than article, page numbers (5 Pts)
  3. Selections not older than 5 years (5 Pts)
  4. Must be a research/journal article (10 Pts)