HRD4950 Internship in Human Resource Development (Oakland University)

HRD4950 Internship in Human Resource Development (Oakland University)



HRD4950 Internship in Human Resource Development (Oakland University)

The purpose of this assignment is to 1) give you a start on thinking through you research study, 2) allow for the instructor to become familiar with your study and provide feedback.

The Study Proposal should be in the following format:

1) 3-4 page Word document (12-point, Times New Roman, double-spaced) with the following sections:

a. Introduction of the study/topic

b. Justification (why is it important to you/or an organization you might be involved in)

c. Purpose (is it to develop a persuasive “research argument” based secondary research? Is it a deep dive paper “to inform” about a topic based on an extensive literature review?)

d. Proposed structure of your paper, for example:

i. Abstract

ii. Introduction

iii. Supporting Topic 1 (be specific)

iv. Supporting Topic 2 (be specific)

v. Supporting Topic 3 (be specific)

vi. Supporting Topic 4 (be specific)

vii. Supporting Topic 5 (be specific)

viii. Conclusion

ix. References

e. Timeline Outline (what are the major dates, events, time periods for your work)

f. Conclusion

g. References (APA 6th), as necessary

2. Project Management Document

This document will provide students with experience in creating a simple project plan. It should incorporate:

 Key tasks,

 Milestones,

 Timelines, and

 Due dates for your study.

Gantt charts can be used if accessible, but are not required. Other acceptable formats include Word and Excel. An example project management Excel file is included in your course materials.

3. Project Status Review

This review provides the instructor the opportunity to review and provide feedback to the student prior to project completion. The student will submit a FIRST DRAFT of the project on or before the due shown in Moodle. The student and instructor should meet to discuss feedback.

4. Final Research Paper

The final research paper is the culmination of the work of the semester. The final deliverable will be due by the date shown in Moodle, and uploaded in Moodle. All APA 6th
standards must be followed, including but not limited to font, spacing, in-text citations, and references. Students should use the APA 6th template provided by the OU Writing Center.

The final research paper should be a minimum of 15 pages, not including the cover page and references, but should not be more than 20 pages, not including the cover page and references. You should have at a minimum 15 references.