Hubert Crawford Week 7 Grantham University W7 Tak

Hubert Crawford Week 7 Grantham University W7 Tak

Hubert Crawford Week 7 Grantham University W7 Tak

Each week, you will be asked to respond to the prompt or prompts in the discussion forum. Your initial post should be 75-150 words in length, and is due on Sunday. By Tuesday, you should respond to two additional posts from your peers.

Persuasive Speech Peer Review

Remember that peer critique and self-critique are both important elements of improving public speaking. No one should submit a presentation that is their “first run”—multiple drafts are the only way we can guarantee success.

I Will do the video!!!!

  • In your initial post, you will submit a draft video of your persuasive speech to the discussion board for peer feedback. This will be a complete video of your entire speech; be sure that your link is set to “public,” so your peers have no problems when trying to access your video! You must provide a short written overview (75-150 words) of your speech: what is it about and what did you come across in your research that you found to be the most interesting?
  • You must reply to at least two other peers. You will use the speech evaluation worksheet to evaluate each peer (specific instructions are available on that worksheet). You must reply to those who have not yet received feedback from another peer. Once everyone has received feedback from one other person, you should provide feedback to those who have not received a second round of feedback. Continue to follow this process to ensure everyone in the course has received an equitable level of feedback. Failure to submit your initial post by Sunday will result in an automatic deduction of 20% and may mean no feedback is provided to you.

Be sure that your feedback aligns with the principles of our course (i.e., be sure your feedback doesn’t steer them the wrong way!). After reviewing the speech at least two times before completing this chart, you will put an “x” in the yes, no, or a little bit column of the speech evaluation worksheet; then, in the “comments” box, you should comment on performance. You will provide at least 2 sentences in each comment row, even if the speaker did well in that category. After you have completed the outline, in the Evaluative Summary portion, you should give an overall summary of the organization of this talk. Was it easy to follow? What could be improved?

In your reply to peers, you will upload the completed speech evaluation worksheet as an attachment in the discussion board for the peer you evaluated. In the text area, copy and paste the overall evaluative feedback section (the very last step on the bottom of the worksheet).

View your discussion rubric.

Hubert Crawford

Week 7 Attachment


I chose abortion as my topic, After reviewing my speech I definitely need more practice to familiarize myself with the speech. I referred to my notes more that I should and found myself stumbling with my words. Still not sure but I fell as if something is missing. Please share your critiques.

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Dorothy Conner

W7 Discussion: Persuasive Speech Peer Review


I did my persuasive speech on how exercising in the morning is the best time to exercise. I wanted my audience to understand the reason why I think that a morning exercise is better and hopefully adopt this habit. Through my research,I found that although I had already adopted an early morning routine of my own, I was not the only person that felt like they had benefited in more than one way from a morning routine. There is plenty of research supporting how I felt a morning workout made me feel.