Human Development Assignment

Human Development Assignment

Similarities and Differences between 4 Moments in History

Similarities and Differences between 4 Moments in History

Human Development Assignment: Cognitive and Psychosocial Development of Adolescents

Please watch this video before you start the writing. Instruction: The cognitive and psychosocial development of adolescents is variable. Asynchrony among physical, cognitive, and psychosocial development may limit the adolescents’ ability to perceive and judge risk effectively and may result in adolescent views that are incongruous with parents or guardians.

Also, adolescents develop the ability to think abstractly. Adolescents move from being concrete thinkers, who think of things that they have direct contact with or knowledge about, to abstract thinkers, who can imagine things not seen or experienced. This allows adolescents to have the capacity to love, think about spirituality, and participate in more advanced mathematics.


Although adolescence may appear to be a turbulent time, it’s also a period of great potential as young people engage more deeply with the world around them. Adolescents typically grow

1. PHYSICALLY hormonal changes and development

2. COGNITIVELY changes in the way the brain functions

3. EMOTIONALLY how adolescents process emotions and stress

4. SOCIALLY changes in familial, social, and romantic relationships

5. MORALS AND VALUES how adolescents regard their place in the world

Pick only one of the above that fits your greatest period of growth or change as an adolescent (10-19 years old).

Discuss the change and how it influences you presently. Please stay away from tough topics that you are not comfortable discussing in this setting.