Including Modified Draft 1 Tampa Bay Desalination

Including Modified Draft 1 Tampa Bay Desalination

Including Modified Draft 1 Tampa Bay Desalination

This is the second of two directives about your mid-semester project. These notes will assist you in developing a strong submission for your final assignment. They will also provide a way for you to receive feedback on your project before it is due, allowing you to make sure you are working in the right direction.

For Draft 2, FIRST expand on your first draft, fleshing out the background of the case study, clearly explaing the significance of the issue.

SECONDLY, identify a list of Stakeholders (at least 5) in your chosen case study and their concerns and interests with the specified project. You will also identify at least one underrepresented stakeholder in your chosen project. Do your best to represent all of the major stakeholders in your case study, even if there are more than 5.

Report the following information for each stakeholder:

  1. The stakeholder group;
  2. Their interest/connection to this project;
  3. At least three concerns they might have with the project (e.g., what might they hope to gain from this project, how might this project positively/negatively impact them, etc.);
  4. Is this stakeholder group well represented in this case study? (i.e., is their voice being heard and their interests considered? Do they have any power to promote their interests in this case study?) Make sure to signify either well-represented or underrepresented and give a brief explanation of why.

THIRDLY, discuss the role that engineering practitioners play in providing a solution (design or strategy) to the case or contributing to the identified problem.

When creating this list of stakeholders, consider both the local and potential regional impact of the project. This information can be presented in a paragraph, outline/list, or table as long as it is well organized and easy to follow.

Your submission for this assignment should be a word document between 8 and 10 pages, single-spaced, Times New Roman, no less than 12 point font (including modified Draft 1).