Incorporate Agility Personal Trainer Fitness C

Incorporate Agility Personal Trainer Fitness C

Incorporate Agility Personal Trainer Fitness C

Choose one of the activities or events listed below for which you would be training a small group of people. All of the events are at the beginner level; improving general fitness (strength, endurance, and cardiovascular fitness) should be a major goal of the training in addition to the specific training goal.

  1. pre-season training for a flag football league

Describe the group you will be training. Give an example of two to three different specific microcycles (ie, strength, hypertrophy, long steady distance training, interval training, event specific conditioning) you would use to train for the event you chose. Next, explain how you would arrange these microcycles over time to train for a specific event. You must include appropriate strength, endurance, and activity specific training. Descriptions can be general.

300 word minimum.


Event: 5-mile charity hike

The participants will be a group of 10 senior citizens at a local senior center who want to boost their strength and endurance and have chosen this event as an opportunity to train for something and boost their overall fitness level. Training time period: 12 weeks.

  1. Walking endurance and “agility” training: Build walking endurance, improve multi-directional movement, and increase ability to navigate uneven terrain using cones, low hurdles, and steps. Incorporate longer distance walking on a track two days per week. Incorporate “agility” training one day per week, which can be done in combination with one of the strength days.
  2. Strength training: Goblet squats to a chair, pushups off a bar, body rows, kettlebell deadlifts, step-ups, overhead presses, rotational core work. Add in appropriate accessory work as needed: triceps, biceps, and rotator cuff work, medicine ball slams and throws, additional core and back work.
  3. Event-specific conditioning: Shorter trail hikes and walking on the track combined with lighter resistance exercises as in the strength training segment

Train microcycles 1 and 2 simultaneously for the first two months: Long walks on the rack on Monday and Thursday, gradually increasing distances from one to four miles. Strength circuits on Tuesdays (goblet squats, pushups, and rows) and Fridays (kettlebell deadlifts, overhead presses, and rotational core work).

In month three, strength train on Monday, perform walking and agility work on Wednesday, and perform event-specific conditioning on Friday or Saturday, working up to four miles.