Intentionally Displaying Product Life Your Opinio

Intentionally Displaying Product Life Your Opinio

Intentionally Displaying Product Life Your Opinio

read is paragraph and give me your opinion if you agree or disagree with it


There are several marketing goals that I can identify, based on viewing the provided website. For starters, increased sales is widely apparent on this website. I believe this to be true by simply browsing the main page and noticing the various “limited-time only” sales and deals, such as 20% off and free shipping. I also would say that building brand awareness and targeting new customers is present, with the inclusion of the “FRIENDS” code for a bigger discount, as well as the mentioning of opening up a store card for more deals. They are clearly trying to entice new customers to try out their services and be rewarded with even more discounts.

In terms of marketing mix, I have identified products, place, pricing and promotion. “”Marketing mix” is a general phrase used to describe the different kinds of choices organizations have to make in the whole process of bringing a product or service to market. The 4Ps is one way – probably the best-known way – of defining the marketing mix…” ( The products seem to focus on home cookware and utensils, while the place is either online or in store. The pricing is widely advertised as discounted, which ties into the various promotions that include free shipping and percentage off discounts.

The most evident “S” present on the website is save. The main page is loaded with discounts and promotions, advertising in big and bold letters not the price of the item, but how much you can save if you purchase it. “Generally speaking, a business is always looking to make savings – both time wise and cost wise in an aim to identify opportunities for improvement.” ( The more I examined the website, the more I noticed that almost everything is listed as a deal/sale/promotion.

I believe that there is evidence of Williams-Sonoma Inc. managing the product life cycle through the website. This is apparent by the focus of online ordering. They even offer free store pickup if ordered online. The focus on free shipping suggests that they are trying to promote the website as the main attraction for selling their goods. I would also say that the website is predominantly an example of Web 1.0. This is true based on the fact that consumers will be purchasing goods by adding items to their cart and checking out. There is little interaction or communication with the company itself through the ordering process. “Web 1.0, or web, is a stage of the World Wide Web, linking WebPages with hyperlinks. The only feature of Web 1.0 was “to read”. The shopping cart application comes under the category of Web 1.0.” (

Lastly, this website uses e-business concepts to improve their company success and responsiveness in many ways. For starters, they have implemented multiple “S” concepts, as well as a healthy e-marketing mix, as stated above. Implementing a strong web presence is important and they have designed a website that is visually appealing and full of information. Information that suggests ordering for online delivery or store pickup, without any sort of trouble or problem. Utilizing these methods will better help them identify their customers and earn more sales.


  • What marketing goals can you identify on the site, based on your readings and research?

They utilize different messages, (free shipping, discounts and email offers) on numerous pages not just on the home page. They promote positive call to action initiatives, with pop us of promotions and new products. They offer image menus to change up the look of there pages. A goal of this site is that is allows for a lot of consumer self service, saving the company money on resources.

  • What parts of the e-marketing mix can you identify on the site?

Price – Prices of items are listed. Newer models tend to be more expensive then past models due to upgrades and add ons.

Place Multiple store fronts, online ordering

Promotion – Discounts are offered on available items which are clearly identified, other offer apply such as free shipping or a free gifts with purchases, even military discount.

People – CSM system customizable for each consumer. Great customers service, online, phone and via email, and even online classes to teach consumers how to use there products.

Physical Evidence – Physical appearance looks nice in photos, the consumer reviews are nice to allow perspective from a consumers point of view.

Process – N/A

Product – Modern, colorful, numerous uses for one item, 30 day return (30 day warranty with company). However it appears the wholesaler from other brands offer extended warranties that vary from product to product.

Partnership – Numerous brand names of other products are sold on their site.

  • Which of the five Ss is most evident here?

Sustain – Shine – Straighten – Sort – Standardize

I would say there website reminds me more of a standardized model, it reflects how organized the company. As well as the policy and procedures and FAQs set a standard, for consistent customer service.

  • Is there any evidence of Williams-Sonoma, Inc. managing the product life cycle through their Web site? How?

I wouldn’t say there intentionally displaying product life cycles, however they are in a way:

Development- N/A

Introduction – Launch / Intro of a new product to all markets.

Growth – The use of online advertising, SEO.

Maturity – Upgrading existing models with new features or overall new products.

Decline – Items that are not highly sought after are places on the sales & clearance page.

  • Is this predominantly a Web 1.0 or Web 2.0 site? How can you tell?

I feel as if the website is modeling an example of Web 1.0, since it is generated by the company. This is not consumer generated or blogging or a community forum.

“Web 2.0 Refers to a collection of web services which facilitate certain behaviours online such as community participation and user-generated content, rating and tagging.” (Chaffey 647)

  • How does this site use e-business concepts to improve company success and responsiveness?

The e-business allows consumers to same money online they may not be able to do in store, and

in turn encouraging online purchases ie the “sizzle”. This again is saving the company money

promoting success and increased revenue. They can also collect consumer data from there

profiles, such as age, region, purchased products, etc,. Which will allow the company to market

to these types targeted consumers in the future.


  • How does this site differ from the Williams-Sonoma Web site you visited in the previous discussion in terms of e-marketing?

I feel as if this site is more for learning and exploring as opposed to purchasing products. This has relevant recipes, articles, classes and even an email subscription for recipes. This to me is more of a blog and self help DIY similar to Pinterest, as opposed to your traditional e-business.

  • What marketing goals can you identify by viewing this site, based on your readings and research?

With this Taste website they are trying to showcase “how to” use the products, as opposed to direct selling on the company homes page. There goals are to engage and connect with the consumer helping them feel more confident in there abilities and products in hopes of getting them to purchase more goods. They are hoping to earn revenue from this blog and resource site.

  • What parts of the e-marketing mix can you identify here?

I see the product, quality, usages, and even some accessories offered. Also I see process how the products are used, with a little bit out people from the customer service aspect, of this website. And defiantly promotions, from endorsements, sponsors logos, products used, and special offers in some areas.

  • Which of the five Ss is most evident here?

Sustain – Shine – Straighten – Sort – Standardize

I feel sustain is Mose evident, these are cooking recipes to help you complete a “procedure”.

And even sort, to chose the items you need and removing the items you may not need after reviewing the courses and recipes.

  • How does this site use e-business concepts to improve success and responsiveness?

They utilizes a few strategies to improve there success, one would be the Freemium model. They offers there recipes, blogs and live videos for free to there consumers. Another way to increase there success is through emails (subscriber data), they can send out new products and promotions and recipes from their site and partners.