Journey Teaching Team New York University The Od

Journey Teaching Team New York University The Od

Journey Teaching Team New York University The Od

please write topic 1. 8 pages. 1.Read the book “Odyssey”, by homer and translated by emily. if you can not finish the whole thing, at lease know the summary with enough detail to write 8 page. 2.Choose adaptation and watch( search film about Odyssey) compare these two. 3. answer all the question or perpective on the instruction when compare. Have a good openning. I guess you could write the book/ the film itself each onep age and then wrtie more about the comparasion. you should mainly answer all the questions on the instruction with great datails. also come up with some own insights would be better. the most important thing is do not digress from the subject. no irrevealent ideas should be included. do not digress from the subject. For the comparsion (5-6 pages) you should write all points in logic. And when you talks about a point you should put enough evidence, ) you should include detail from the movie. detail from the book. these detials could come from different perspectives. sound/asmostphere/character/actor/ … so many different factors

Write a critical essay of 8 to 10 pages (approx. 2400 to 3000 words) on one of the four topics given below.

Please note that issues, questions, and options listed under each topic are suggestions from which you may choose according to your own interests. In other words, you do not need to answer every question posed;rather,you should form an argument guided by the prompt.

You could also “customize” your topic by modifying one of the first four essay topics. If you would like to choose this option, please talk with your recitation leader as soon as possible and no later than April 16.

The “Life-as-a Journey” teaching team welcomes innovative ideas, engaged discussions, and well-wrought theses!

Topic #1: Original vs. Adaptation

Throughout the semester we have seen actors, interpreters, and poets bring our journeys to life, and often revive them for a contemporary popular audience. This paper prompt asks you to compare one of the original texts which we have read thus far on the syllabus with an adaptation of that text. The adaptation can be a film, drama, book, dance composition, work of visual art, etc. of your choosing. The following is not an exhaustive list of questions, but more so a line of questioning to facilitate an argument: How do the differences in medium, genre, intended audience, and the popular culture in which each was created produce different renditions of the journeys? What is lost in adaptation and what endures and why? Provide sufficient but not excessive detail for your reader to be able to note the similarities and differences between your chosen adaptation and your original text. Appendices with images/stills are also welcome.