Learning Oral Communication Grading University Of

Learning Oral Communication Grading University Of

Learning Oral Communication Grading University Of

UPDATE DUE TO CHANGES IN ONLINE COURSE DELIVERY: (1) Instead of attending a sporting event (which you clearly cannot do now that everything is closed), please use any four instances from any game you have ever attended, or find examples online. AND (2) Instead of presenting in class, video yourself presenting ONE of the four examples that you use in your PowerPoint and submit that video either on Canvas directly, or post to a video-sharing site and submit the link on Canvas.


For this third unit, you are to watch torts in action in sports and give an oral presentation on your findings. Go to a professional sports event or a Lynn University sports event. Find FOUR potential tort issues that you see.

Next, complete a formal outline of your oral presentation. Your formal outline must include, for each potential tort, an explanation of (1) facts and the potential injury which may occur and the specific tort which may be involved, (2) legal elements of that tort, and (3) application of those elements to the facts; (4) your potential questioning of the validity of legal defenses to that tort actions.

For example, you may notice water puddling in the bathroom. Explain how a fan could slip, fall and be injured. Note that injury could trigger negligence. Specify the four elements of negligence and specifically apply the elements of the tort to the facts. Complete the analysis by examining potential defenses to the tort of negligence and why that, in your opinion, would not apply. Submit that formal outline to the professor.

In class, you will present your findings in an oral presentation. Start by completing a speaking outline for your presentation based on your findings and your formal outline. Again, a copy of this is in the iTunes U book for this course.

Finally, make an oral, in-class presentation of 8-10 minutes, using 8-10 PowerPoint or Prezi slides. You shall be graded according to the Dialogues of Learning Oral Communication Grading Rubric, attached. Your formal outline and presentation is one-quarter of your project grade, the substantive portion is three-quarters of the project grade (15/100 points in class total).