Least 1 External Source New York University Team

Least 1 External Source New York University Team

Least 1 External Source New York University Team

CASE STUDY PAPER #2 The “Team member from Hell”

Paper purpose of this Assignment

1. To show that you can use course theory and concepts to identify causes of so called “people” problems in organizations. 2. To come up with practical solutions to fix the situation discussed in the case “The Team Member from Hell.”3. To practice and improve your use of effective and error-free business writing.

Format:The paper should contain 750-1000 words, 12-point font, double line spacing. You will add a cover page showing your name and the title of your paper, and a reference page listing all sources cited in the paper. Cover and reference pages do not count against the word count.


Section 1.A clear problem statement. This should be one sentence and is the foundation for the rest of the analysis. e.g., “The problem facing this team is ____”. Do not list the causes here, rather the effect of these causes: the problem.

Section 2. Identification of the cause(s). It is your job to convince me that you have identified the true causes of the problem faced in the case by applying and citing theory and content from the course and quotes / examples from the case. Identify 3 causes, and no more than 3 causes. For each cause you must: oDefine the theory/concept in a detailed enough way that it is clear you understand its distinctions and why it applies here.oPersuade me that it fits this situation and helps you understand a true cause of the problem in the case.oSupport your arguments with research-based citations or paraphrases coming from external sources (the case is not considered a source). At least 1 external source per cause.

Section 3.Solution

Present two possible solutions to the problem – which you derived from the theory and concepts you use to identify the causes of the problem. Make certain that there is a clear connection between the causes of the problem that you have identified (section 2), and these potential solutions.

Recommend one BEST solution (selected from the two you presented). Make sure this solution is feasible and specific. Discuss why you selected this solution, the positives and negatives about this solution, what will be required to implement it, and your desired outcome.

Explain how you would practically implement it as the consultant hired by the professor.