Make Notes Either Moorpark Goodbye Columbus In A

Make Notes Either Moorpark Goodbye Columbus In A

Make Notes Either Moorpark Goodbye Columbus In A

I will provide all the critical essays and additional information separately, I just need the paper written please. Please only bid if you have read the novella “Goodbye, Columbus” by Phillip Roth.

Task: Read over the following essay prompts, and think about which one seems most interesting to you. As you read Goodbye, Columbus over these next three weeks, make notes—either in the book or on a separate sheet of paper—keeping in mind these prompts. Mark possible passages that could help prove your position on the topics and jot down ideas that you have regarding these passages and themes. Eventually, you will be asked to choose one of the prompts to explore for your research paper. This essay needs to be thesis driven and argumentative. Meaning you need to do more than just point out what is occurring in the novella.

In order to further prove your point, you will also be asked to read through four critical essays on Roth’s novella. Think about the arguments made in each article and how each article may help you prove your point. You will have to utilize between 2 and 4 of these articles in your research paper. As a result, you will be supporting your argument with both close readings of the literary passages and the opinions of literary critics.

Essay Prompts:

  1. In what way is Goodbye, Columbus a story about social mobility? Identify multiple areas within the text where we see characters attempting to climb the social hierarchy. Through analyzing these characters and their successes and failures, what do you think Roth is trying to say about social mobility or mainstream American “success”?
  2. Explore the descriptions of food within Goodbye, Columbus, both in Aunt Gladys’ world and the Patimkins’. What do you think food symbolizes throughout the text and what role does it play in the main characters’ lives?
  3. Explore the relationship between Neil and the Black kid from the library. Why do you think Neil is so interested in the kid and what links the two? In answering this question, you should also examine Neil’s trip to Patimkin Kitchen and Bathroom Sinks and the connection between Black and Jewish neighborhoods.
  4. Analyze Neil’s character through the lens of Ron’s “Columbus” record. What is the message in Ron’s “Columbus” record? In what way does Neil change in this story? In what way does Neil stay the same? Ultimately, do you believe Neil is a static or dynamic character? Why?

Assignment Details:

Length: 7-10 pages

Sources: Goodbye, Columbus and between 2-4 critical essays

Format: MLA including a works cited page