Mass Media Businesses Sports Florida Atlantic Uni

Mass Media Businesses Sports Florida Atlantic Uni

Mass Media Businesses Sports Florida Atlantic Uni


  1. Part 1: Introduction 10% (800 words)
  2. Part 2: Case Study 15% (800 words)
  3. Part 3: Final Paper 15% (800 words)
  4. Part 4: Oral Presentation Video 10% (2 minutes max.)

For the capstone project, students will select a major headline/event that has sparked controversy in the media and pick one of the six issues identified and outlined in the text and write an introduction, a case study, a final paper and submit an oral presentation video as a capstone project. These six issues are:

  1. Ownership of Mass Media Businesses
  2. Sports
  3. Fake News
  4. Advertising
  5. Media Violence
  6. Privacy

Part 1: Introduction

Write an essay in APA style that analyzes and further develops your topic based on a major headline/news event from one of the six themes: Ownership of Mass Media Businesses, Sports, Fake News, Advertising, Media Violence, or Privacy. You will need to do research outside of your textbook across various information systems.

Your essay will have 800 words and identify the key ideas of the event.

  • How did the media shape the event/story?
  • How did others react to the way it was portrayed in the media?
  • Did others create movements based on the way the media portrayed the event?
  • Did people react differently in other parts of the world?
  • How was the event shaped by various information systems?

Part 2: Case Study

For this part of the project, you’re going to continue using the same topic/event that was used in Capstone Part #1 and do a compare-and-contrast case study. It will require you to view your topic from three different angles: locally, nationally, and globally. Your case study should be written in APA style, have 800 words, and compare and contrast your topic with how it was portrayed from a local, national, and global standpoint.

  • Was there a difference with media coverage about your topic in other parts of the world?
  • Were the reactions from consumers varied in other parts of the world?
  • Did different movements happen in other parts of the world based on the topic/event?
  • What were the similarities?
  • What were the differences?

Part 3: Final Paper

This part of the Capstone Project will require you to reflect on your capstone project case and what you learned so far about media literacy. Your final paper should be in APA style, will have 800 words and answer the following:

  • How did the process of researching influence your understanding as it relates to media literacy?
  • Explain how you became more media literate after researching your topic.
  • Expound on how your view shifted as it relates to media literacy after completing this project.
  • Describe how the project changed your perspective on how media outlets persuade you in viewing and reacting to their content.
  • What local and international organizations work on the issue of media literacy? Which of those work on themes related to your capstone project case? How can people get involved with them? Provide contact information and relevant projects or initiatives. Propose an idea for a specific initiative that would increase media literacy among a specific audience around the case you analyzed for your capstone project. (This section of your final paper will be used to assess the Global Engagement Outcome for Global Learning)