May Also Include Screen English Question

May Also Include Screen English Question

May Also Include Screen English Question

Paper #1 (15% of overall course grade; 150 points

Due: March 11th, uploaded by 5 pm


Write a 5-page essay (typed, double spaced, MLA format) using (and refining) one of the following thesis statements.

The goal is to write a focused, thesis-driven essay that features your close analysis of, and citations and quotations from, the Shakespeare we have watched and read in the first part of the semester. Draw from your notes and discussions. This is not a research paper; it is your formal analysis of the primary source(s). Please do not consult other sources. The body of your essay should be your written, detailed analysis driven by an interpretive argument rather than an evaluative one. You should include direct quotes from the works to serve as evidence to support your argument, and you may also include screen captures or images from the show or film(s) if they represent the scenes you discuss and analytical points you make. You should include in-text parenthetical citations throughout your paper. Inside the parenthetical citations you put time markers when referencing examples and evidence from the show or film; you put the act, scene, and line number when quoting from Shakespeare’s play but not referencing a particular show or film.

Sample Thesis Statements

1.) We are currently living through a pandemic, and Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet shows evidence of having been written, and set, during outbreaks of The Plague. An analysis of the 2010 production of Romeo and Juliet shows that it is a play preoccupied with The Plague as seen in Shakespeare’s lines, implicit blocking and props in his lines, and several key situations and scenes.

2.) Based on my analysis of the film version released in 1961, the lyrics, characters, and plot of West Side Story resonate with our current 2020-2021 context when it comes to __________________. (choose based upon the focuses of our discussions and your analysis: racism, immigration, police violence, systemic injustice, misogyny)

3.) An analysis of the 2010 production of Romeo and Juliet at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre illustrates the importance and the interpretive effect of production choices as relate to casting, blocking, music, costumes, and actors’ awareness of the live audience.

4.) Although we might not expect it from a superhero movie, Peter Parker has significant connections to Shakespeare’s Prince Hal, as a comparative analysis of Henry IV, Part 1 and Spider-Man: Far from Home illustrates.

5.) … to be continued …

I will provide further information ….