Minimum 8 Full Double Csueb David Crosby Music Jo

Minimum 8 Full Double Csueb David Crosby Music Jo

Minimum 8 Full Double Csueb David Crosby Music Jo

First – CHOOSE A TOPIC. Choose from this list of musicians. They have all had long, important careers in the US. All have been musical leaders, and produced fabulous music. They have all also been committed to community causes – helping people, supporting the environment, advocating for various groups. CHOOSE ONE AS THE TOPIC OF YOUR FINAL PAPER.

Jackson Browne, Linda Ronstadt, David Crosby, Etta James, Odetta, Dolly Parton, Carlos Santana, Bono, Neil Young

FORMAT: The final paper is an ESSAY. Length: minimum 8 full double-spaced pages; maximum 11.

Write your essay in FIRST Person, and inject your own thoughts and ideas as you write. For example, you may speak about why you chose the topic of the paper, or why the subject matter is particularly interesting to you, or remark about something you found interesting.

Include “interesting” stuff as well as facts. Stories about the music, or the artist, that make them seem more real.

Include how the music makes you feel, or think, or react.

Suggest specific songs or music the reader might enjoy;

DOCUMENTATION: At the end, include a list of sources you used (Bibliography), and a list of music examples (Discography). In an essay format, I am not fussy about what type of format you use, but you must credit your sources, and you must direct the reader as to where they can find the book, website, or video you used, or you want them to hear. Be sure to include interesting UTube Videos in your discography, especially examples of the music or musician performing live, or with other important musicians.

PROOFREAD AND POLISH. The fact that you are writing an ESSAY does not mean you can be sloppy. Write in a relaxed manner, but write with good grammar, spelling, and syntax. Edit your work carefully. Do not cut and paste from lots of sources – instead read, and then re-tell in your own words.