Minus 10 Excluding Ubt College Improve Employee

Minus 10 Excluding Ubt College Improve Employee

Minus 10 Excluding Ubt College Improve Employee

Business Research

The research title you have chosen earlier :

Only choose one title from the following

1.Employee Engagement in STC Telecom Company.

2. Impact of covid 19 on Productivity of Employee in Energy Sector ( Aramco Company ).

3. How to Improve Employee Productivity in the Healthcare.

” Write a critical literature review
for the research
title you have chosen earlier following all guidelines (please see the
attachment) and directions given throughout this course.

 ” Please consider that the word count is 1500 words excluding references. You may
support the answer with references (if required) and reliable data.


This assignment is related to following LOs:

 Explain all types & fields of researches.
 Collect data through different methods.
 Conduct a research in business.
 Know how to write the final report and how to present it .
 Recognize the research importance.
 Explain the difference between the questionnaire and the interview when conducting the

1.Students must adhere to the word limit provided (plus or minus 10%) excluding
calculations, tables/figures, references, quotations and appendices. Quotations
and appendices should be kept to a minimum and be of direct relevance to the
content of your work. A word count must be stated at the end of your work.

2. The Harvard system of referencing must be used, including a bibliography.

3. Where appropriate, a contents page, a list of tables/figures and a list of
abbreviations should precede your work.

4. Your assignment must be word processed and a plain, readable font should be
used, preferably Arial size 12.

5. Your group number should appear at the top of each page as a header.

6. The relevant course and year must be included as a “footer” on each page.

7. All tables and figures must be correctly numbered & labelled.Tables, Calculations,
Appendices, Referencing & Teamwork elements are not included in word-count.

8. All pages should be numbered.

9. You should ensure that you regularly backup your work so that if computer
problems are experienced, you will be able to complete the assignment within the
set deadline.

10.The hard-copy of your assignment should be submitted with a single corner staple.

11.Plagiarised and unreferenced work will be awarded a mark of zero.