Mla Format Csun Current Limitations For Interst

Mla Format Csun Current Limitations For Interst

Mla Format Csun Current Limitations For Interst

**MLA Format** (Example attached)

Here are the choices for essay assignments. You are to choose JUST ONE of these topics. Please also create an outline.

  1. Report on the current state of space exploration, including NASA, private companies in the United States and international efforts.
  2. Explain the current ideas being explored — and the difficulties we have to overcome — in terms of space colonization (the moon, Mars, or other locations).
  3. Explain the current status of earth’s satellites (types, quantities, orbits, space junk, and so on).
  4. Explain the current status of earth’s space station(s).
  5. Explain the differences between types of space transportation (rockets, shuttles [now retired], and space planes), the fuels they use, and their relative advantages and disadvantages.
  6. Explain the current limitations — and theories on how to overcome those limitations — for interstellar space travel.

Please be aware that all of these are very, very broad topics. You will need to narrow the focus of your essay quite a bit in order to write such a short essay. These are just topics. You need to refine them in order to come up with a workable thesis. Also, you will need to site evidence to support your thesis and arrive at a reasonable conclusion. Please remember to use third-person perspective in this essay. (DO NOT USE I, me, my, we, us, or our references — no personal examples should be used.)

While you are writing, please remember that each support, whether quoted or paraphrased from a source, needs to be explained. Look at it this way. As the writer, you know your ideas better than anyone. No one else can get inside your head. So you need to take the reader by the hand and help him/her see things your way. Therefore, for every piece of support you give, you have to also explain or interpret it. Why are you using it? Why is it important? How does it support your thesis?

One last reminder. The sources you use must come from our novel and your own research. Avoid unreliable or other “sketchy” sources. NOTE: Sources such as spark notes, monkey notes, shmoop, e-notes, wikipedia, and other essay-helping sites are simply not acceptable.

**Sample paper attached as an example**