MNGT373 (HRM) Dream Job-Selection

MNGT373 (HRM) Dream Job-Selection

MNGT373 (HRM): Dream Job-Selection

MNGT373 (HRM): Dream Job-Selection

Last updated on September 27th, 2023 at 05:31 am

The purpose of this MNGT373 (HRM) Dream Job-Selection assignment is to practice your understanding of HR knowledge on selection (ch.6). As a hiring manager, you will develop a selection plan for the dream job (the same job you used for the previous assignment on recruitment).



As a HR manager, you just finished recruitment process and now it is time to select the best candidate among many job applicants. Answer the following questions:

  1. Which employment tests would you use to pick the best candidate for the job?
    • First, pick two from this list: physical ability tests, cognitive ability tests, job performance tests, work samples, personality inventories, and drug tests.
    • Second, discuss why you think they would be effective to pick the best candidate for the job.
    • Your answer must consider the unique characteristics of the job and the organization.
    • Length: at least a third page (single-spaced)


  1. Choose one of your two employment tests picked above and discuss if it conforms to the four standards (reliability, validity, generalizability, utility).The reason your instructor asks this question is to see if you have clear understanding of those concepts. Demonstrate your understanding in your answer.
    • For example, if you pick physical ability tests, first indicate its level of reliability (high, moderate, or low) and then provide why it is so. Then move on to validity, and so on.
    • Do not simply discuss the definitions of the four standards.
    • Evaluate the tests in terms of those four standards (one by one).
    • Length: about two or three sentences per each standard (single-spaced).


  1. How would you make sure your selection process comply with relevant EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity) laws we learned from ch.3?
    • In your answer, point out at least two specific EEO laws that may be relevant to the selection process for the job.
    • For example, are there any EEO laws that may be violated while your company implements the two employment tests or interview?
    • Length: at least a third page long (single-spaced)



    1. A template was posted on D2L, so download this and type directly into this template.
      • Single-spaced. 12 font size, Times New Roman.
      • Length: about one and a half page/ Single spaced
      • Do not delete any headings in the template.
      • No plagiarism No copy and Paste. Always paraphrase and cite, if you use any sources including the textbook.




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