Mom First Got Home Please Discuss Those Questions

Mom First Got Home Please Discuss Those Questions

Mom First Got Home Please Discuss Those Questions

1.I had a question about turn taking. When we look at examples of turn taking we normally look at clips that are talking over someone or being rude to one another. Do you think that this is the most common type of having turn taking be problematic in our society?

2.I just finished the Assgiment, Talking Contest, today because of the jet lag. I made a point of calling my mother to complete the Talking Contest. Whenever I interrupt her when she is about to speak, she stops and lets me speak first. Sometimes I don’t even know if my mother understands what I am saying. If it wasn’t for my mom, I would have thought it was offensive, but my mom always let me talk first, and maybe she was used to it

3.What is the difference between a turn and a TCU?

4.With adjacency pairs can they overlap? Because I’m thinking they cant with having someone asking a question most times you wait for the question to be delivered then answer it.

5.I just want to make sure I understand the meaning of TCUs. It is really focused on action like how the grammar is said in response to a question or responding to someone? How would you point it out in a transcript versus the Adjacency Pairs? I am just a little lost between the 2 when finding them in transcripts. I get it with the Adjacency Pairs but more so of the TCUs is where I am lost.

6.The talking contest was certainly an interesting and relatively easy test to conduct. When my mom first got home from work I asked her about any fourth of July plans to initiate a conversation. Every once in a while I’d rudely interrupt her sentences and ask about something slightly different. Most of the time she would finish what she was saying before jumping into the next question. It was obvious by the way she looked at me that she knew I was talking and acting differently. One time when I “cut her off” she actually completely lost her train of thought and couldn’t remember how to finish her statement. This shows why it’s important to take turns while communicating.

please discuss those questions separately

and read the book for chapter 3-5, ask 5 questions.