Much Lower Pension Plan Csulb Diversity And Adult

Much Lower Pension Plan Csulb Diversity And Adult

Much Lower Pension Plan Csulb Diversity And Adult

Please complete the steps listed below in order, to complete this assignment with the most success.

Step 1: Read Chapters 11-15, watch any videos associated with Chapters 11-15, examine any other references or resources I have provided for Chapters 11-15.

Please ensure your assignment meets the guidelines below, to obtain the maximum amount of points for this assignment.

  • Please include the question(s) before answering.
  • Be sure you have used all of the materials available to you for Chapters 11-15 to complete this assignment.
  • The finished assignment should be detailed and thorough.
  • The finished assignment should be free of any spelling or grammar errors.
  • The finished assignment should have a minimum of four paragraphs (for reference, each paragraph should have 5-10 sentences minimum) for each Chapter’s question(s). In other words, Chapter 11 should have a minimum of four paragraphs, Chapter 12 should have a minimum of four paragraphs, etc.
  • Do not expect to receive full credit for only doing the bare minimum.
  • You will not receive credit for this assignment if more than 20% of the assignment is being flagged by ‘Turn it In.’
  • This assignment is worth 100 points.

Step 2: Answer the following question(s):

  • Chapter 11: In your family, what expectations are there for caregiving? Have you made any preparations in your life to take on this responsibility or had conversations with family members about long-term caregiving?
  • Chapter 12: Discuss in detail why the elderly are often targets of fraud.
  • Chapter 13: Explain the cultural and socioeconomic diversity in the Hispanic population which should include: indicators of minority status of the overall Hispanic population, migration patterns of Hispanics in the U.S., the much lower pension plan coverage of Hispanics compared to non-Hispanics (including African Americans), and why Hispanic elderly underutilize services.
  • Chapter 14: Considering everything in this chapter, why has the American society become a death-denying society?
  • Chapter 15: Why is there a need for cause-based organizations that dedicate their resources for the elderly only?

*please include and use the videos for each chapter as references* *Also read the attachments for each chapters to get an idea of what it’s about*