Nursing in a Multicultural Society Summer 2020 – Analysis Paper One Country: Global Health Initiatives & the Role of Nurses

Nursing in a Multicultural Society Summer 2020 – Analysis Paper One Country: Global Health Initiatives & the Role of Nurses

Nursing in a Multicultural Society Summer 2020 - Analysis Paper One Country: Global Health Initiatives & the Role of Nurses

Nursing in a Multicultural Society Summer 2020 - Analysis Paper One Country: Global Health Initiatives & the Role of Nurses

Nursing in a Multicultural Society

Summer 2020 – Analysis Paper

One Country: Global Health Initiatives & the Role of Nurses

The purpose of this scholarly paper is to raise awareness of cultural sensitivity in healthcare, enhance culturally competent care delivery, and develop strategies that are culturally sensitive which serve to improve healthcare outcomes for all patients. MLO#1, 2, & 4 are evaluated through this assignment.

Return to your research paper as needed to review the healthcare structure and broad issues facing citizens of your assigned country.

You will focus on the same country you performed research on and explore their healthcare initiatives related to the recent COVID pandemic and a prevalent, identified global health issue. You will select one (1) of the top health – lifestyle – global issues for the approved country. These health targets are monitored by the World Health Organization Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) They include nutrition/obesity; world hunger & poverty; food-water-environmental health; terrorism; disaster response/emergency preparedness; emerging infectious diseases; non-communicable diseases & mental health; substance abuse; medicine & vaccine access; nursing workforce (maldistribution), or maternal/newborn mortality or health.  You may also examine human trafficking. You will examine culturally appropriate nursing strategies based on scholarly research.

This is an individual, scholarly writing assignment of no more than 6 pages, excluding title and reference pages. The page limit will be enforced. Any information beyond the page limit will not be graded & related point deductions will occur. Adherence to APA format and scholarly sourcing is required.

As you prepare to write this paper the following steps are suggested in this order:

You will also find it extremely helpful to return to the WHO’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) link in the 2nd paragraph above for information about current efforts to address global issues. Current statistics related to COVID and SDGs, country by country, are linked there. The Commonwealth Fund has conducted country-by-country comparisons including the U.S. You may find these two documents helpful when addressing the COVID pandemic and when identifying your primary global health issue through the disparities reviewed.

  1. You looked at the healthcare model when you completed your research template. The structure of the healthcare system in your selected country plays a major role in the management of the health issue and anticipating or designing nursing interventions.  So it is very critical to become more informed about these elements. So next you will review the healthcare system for your select country in one of the following documents:

International Profiles of most European & North American countries 2015 International Profiles of Healthcare Systems by Mossialos, Wenzel, Osborn, & Sarnak

Structure of the Paper

Opening paragraph:

  • Identify the country you are examining.
  • Which global health issue will you explore?
  • Why is the global health issue of concern in the assigned country?

Include 1-2 sentences that briefly address the country’s COVID outbreak.

Selected Global Health Issue – Use relevant statistical data from scholarly evidence to support your discussion on COVID and the health issue:

  • Explore the history of your chosen health issue within the assigned country. Discuss historical events, political issues, & social changes there.
  • Explore the country’s response to the recent COVID pandemic
  • How have these issues impacted the overall health of citizens?
  • Consider quality of life & lost work/school/family time

Population – consider impact on the country including current statistics about incidence, prevalence, mortality, & costs

Current efforts to address COVID and global health issue of concern in the assigned country

  • How are the health issues currently being addressed?
    • Outline the approaches being used to address the issues. (Consider public health strategies and other healthcare sectors)
    • Describe how nursing is integrated into efforts to address these issues.
    • How effective have recent management efforts been?

4) What are the major challenges in addressing these issues?

Recommendations for Nursing – Use literature from professional fields of your choice. Review public health initiatives, international nursing organizations, & global organizations such as the WHO & The Commonwealth Fund related to this issue.

  • Recommend and discuss one (1) additional strategy (separate from your discussion of current efforts), based on scholarly evidence and the country’s healthcare system.
  • Discuss the nurse’s role in implementation of the strategy.

What financial & cultural implications should the nurse understand related to this issue?


Summarize the nurse’s role in efforts to address the healthcare issues.


Scholarly Writing

This paper is no more than 6 pages in length, excluding the title and reference pages.  Grade for scholarly writing includes but is not limited to inclusion of:

  • Title page, use headings and sub-headings as defined by the objectives of the paper. There are proper APA citations & a reference page, a clearly stated introduction & conclusion, proper sentence and paragraph structure and accurate grammar. Formatting is according to APA style/standards. Paper is proofread and spell-checked.

Multiple sources are provided in the folder for this assignment and meet the following requirement. A minimum of 3 current scholarly references are required. Your references should be from scholarly sources (for example, peer-reviewed nursing and related journals, published books, educational & government websites, and international authoritative agencies).