Occurred Significant Life Research A Theorist An

Occurred Significant Life Research A Theorist An

Occurred Significant Life Research A Theorist An

Discussion – Theorist Presentation

Due Date: 11/29 by 11:59 pm (needs to be uploaded to Canvas by this date)

This discussion will provide you with the opportunity to research a theorist who has had an impact on our understanding of human development and/or early childhood education. T

What you will learn:

Upon successful completion of this assignment you will be able to:

  • Discuss the relevant details of the theorist’s ideas and contributions.
  • Communicate how the theorist has furthered our understanding.
  • Provide a brief biography of the theorist.

Instructions For Presentation:

  • Identify the Theorist you have been assigned. See Below
  • Find at least two resources, not including your textbook and/or learning modules, to use for your research. You will need to conduct research for resources to use.
  • You may need to look at articles written by the theorist/person to contribute to the five facts needed.
  • Avoid quotes in the presentation. Must be in your own words. Review Plagiarism – Don’t Do It! (Read)
  • Presentations must include in-text citations for information in any written presenation. (PPT, Infographic, blog, etc.)
  • Decide on a format for presentation. You can make a video, PowerPoint, Infographic, create a blog, Prezi, Powtoon, Xtranormal, Sketch Animation, etc.
  • Attend both days of presentations to receive full credit.


  1. Some type of Title Page, depending on your fomat: title of presentation, your name, date of presentation created, title of our class, my name
  2. Make sure you identify the name of theorist/person
  3. Brief biography of the theorist/person: include date of birth, where born, death (if it has occurred), significant life events
  4. Which field of study did the person contribute to? (psychology, child development, sociology, language, ethnology, attachment, behavior etc.)
  5. Five different facts regarding the person’s contribution to their field. Avoid biographical details such as marriage, birth, education, etc. Facts should focus on crontributions to the field and why they are important. These should come from your research: websites, articles written by the person or about the person, etc.
  6. Did you like this person? What was your reaction to the person after you did the research?
  7. If theorist was covered in class, facts and information should be more than what was covered in class.
  8. Some type of reference page, slide, etc, depending on your presentation format.

Important Guidelines:

  • Make sure I can view your presentation.
  • Submit Assignment by 11/29 at 11:59 pm.
  • All written information must have in-text citations.
  • Some type of reference page at end of the presentation.
  • The presentation must be in your own words. Do not use quotes!!!!
  • You must attend both days of class to recieve full credit

Submission of Presentation

  • Assignment is due by Sunday, November 29 at 11:59 pm

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