Original Tootsie Roll Case Union University Toots

Original Tootsie Roll Case Union University Toots

Original Tootsie Roll Case Union University Toots

Research Report: Strategic Recommendations for Tootsie Roll Industries, Inc.

Using your knowledge of Tootsie Roll Industries and the US Candy Industry, prepare a written report offering your strategic recommendations. Your report will provide:

  1. A summary of the competitive situation currently faced by Tootsie Roll Industries in the US candy industry.
  2. Your recommendations for strengthening Tootsie Roll Industries’ ability to create and/or sustain competitive advantage. These recommendations should align with your assessment of the competitive situation Tootsie Roll faces from part 1, above.

Your report should draw upon the work you accomplished in prior assignments as well as concepts, models and tools from later topics in the course. Your prior work has helped you understand the industry and the company. I am looking for evidence that you can find areas where a company’s current resources could be improved or better used, and where the current strategic approach could be better aligned with the primary forces that drive industry structure and competition, and that you can clearly express a path to better align the company with those forces.

There is no “one, best road” to sustainable competitive advantage – but there are dead ends. A general manager’s task is to find a good road and avoid the dead ends.

A. You may use any resources available to you to respond to the above, but you must cite any resource that you use. This includes help from colleagues, journal articles, textbooks, web pages, and any other resource used – whether printed or not.

B. There is quite a bit of good background information in the Tootsie Roll Industries case. Please make use of it.

C. Your response must be formatted in APA style.

D. Save your response as a PDF file, then upload the file to this assignment using the file upload utility on this page.

Textbooks for this class: Harrison, J. & St. John, C. (2014). Foundations in Strategic Management, 6th ed. Cincinnati, OH. South-Western.

Porter, M. (1998). Competitive Strategy: Techniques for Analyzing Industries and Competitors. New York. The Free Press.

I have uploaded all three papers that were completed for this class and the original Tootsie Roll case study for reference. This will be the last research paper of the class.