Oversexed & Undereducated?

Oversexed & Undereducated?

Oversexed & Undereducated?

Last updated on September 27th, 2023 at 01:59 pm

In this Oversexed & Undereducated?: Exploring the Politics of Sex in Society task, contemplate and share your perceptions regarding the following questions:

  • Is sex everywhere in American society? Please provide support and examples for your position from the chapter, personal experience/observations, and other credible research you may include.
  • If you answered yes to the above statement, what could potentially be the impetus for this based on the chapter readings, your views, and observations? If not, what are your reasons for this conclusion?
  • How does this impact us as individuals, couples, and families?

This then ties in with the topic of sex education in America …

From your own experience and what we have learned in class from chapter 4, “Our Sexual Selves”:

  • How do you think America is doing as a country concerning educating ourselves and future generations about sex?
  • Thinking about how you learned about sex—what role did your parents play, your peers, your school, even media?
  • Would you have wanted anything done differently and if so, what?
  • Finally, our text addresses the topic of sexual responsibility, and based on the definition provided, what does that mean to you and how can our society promote and encourage sexual responsibility in how we teach and address sexuality?

Remember to explain and support your views with not only opinion but also using information from the chapter (this is always critical to your work) along with other credible sources if you wish. Please feel free to present in the first person but still in essay/paragraph form. Do not just do question/answer, question/answer. Integrate course material from chapter 4 into your post in addition to your personal views and/or experiences.



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