Owl Creek Bridge Enc 1102 Miami Dade College The

Owl Creek Bridge Enc 1102 Miami Dade College The

Owl Creek Bridge Enc 1102 Miami Dade College The

Write a review of one of the following works:

  • Chopin’s “The Story of an Hour”;
  • Chopin’s “The Storm”;
  • Harrar’s “The 5:22”;
  • Bierce’s “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge”; or
  • Thurber’s “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”;

The primary purpose of a review should be to evaluate – Is the story good or bad? Did you like it? Would you recommend it to others? Did it achieve its purpose? The answers to these questions (one of them, at least) will probably be your thesis around which the rest of your essay will revolve.

Telling the reader why you thought the story was good or bad, etc., will form the body of your review. To do this, you must look at the elements of the story. Examine things like character, theme, plot, style and setting. How do these things contribute to the story being good or bad? Evaluations require one to set standards for comparisons. Let the reader know what your standards are. Perhaps relate the story to others in the same genre.

Because your audience will probably not be familiar with your story, you should include a brief summary of the plot. However, you should not give away too much. You also may consider including background information on the author and or the story itself.

You can write bad reviews – do not think you have to like a story. You also do not have to like everything about a story – in other words, you can write a “mixed” review.

Additional questions to consider to aid you (perhaps) –

  • Were the characters believable?
  • What did the author do to make you feel (or not feel) a particular way?
  • How did the author achieve (or fail to achieve) his/her purpose?
  • Was the way the author wrote any good? (use of descriptions, analogies, symbols, etc.)
  • Was the plot predictable or surprising? What made it so?
  • Could you relate to the story and/or characters?

***Remember — A summary is not an essay, neither for a review nor an analytical essay!***

I feel that it is necessary to remind everyone that this first essay is indeed just that — an essay! As such, you should not be forgetting the structure of an essay and should follow the same rules that you learned (hopefully) in ENC1101.

Intro — Introduce the story in general, perhaps give background info on either author or story. For review, make sure you at least give hint of good/bad, etc. (Basic Thesis) plus indication of what contributes to this, elements that you plan to examine in body (in essence, your X, Y, Z). For literary essays, don’t forget the title and author’s full name.

Body — 1st body paragraph for a review can be summary (summary should be no longer than one paragraph, though). If story is short enough, a brief summary in intro may be sufficient. Other body paragraphs will examine separate points of discussion. Remember to use topic sentences (e.g., “Ambrose Bierce uses elaborate description to bring Farquhar’s escape to life.” leading into a discussion of the descriptive technique). Explain yourself and give support — point to a passage, include a quote. Keep to one idea/topic per body paragraph.

Conclusion — Restate thesis — Review will clearly state whether you liked it or not here and, again, why (this should be 1st sentence, just as in typical 5-par. essay). Lead us out with relationship of story to world, look to future, give advice, broaden discussion of theme, etc.

Other Requirements: Essay should be typed, double-spaced, standard 12 point font, 2-3 pages in length. While MLA style is not required, it is an opportunity to practice the style.