Point Dos Ryan Make Can You Help Me With These So

Point Dos Ryan Make Can You Help Me With These So

Point Dos Ryan Make Can You Help Me With These So

Use this link to answer each question: https://www.ted.com/talks/john_mcwhorter_txtng_is_…

1. In contrast to what many older generations believe about texting, discuss McWhorter’s views on the subject. What does he think and why?

According to McWhorter’s views; texting is a new form of fingered-speech; he says that people can write the way they talk through texting because people no longer capitalize words, obey spelling rules, or the grammar. According to him, there is an emerging complexity such as LOL that facilitates the speed and packeted nature of real speech. LOL means laughing out loud. He also considers that texting is a form of speech because when one talks, he/she does not consider capitalizing names or putting commas and question marks where they belong. People produce sounds, not written language. “Texting leaves out many of these conventions, particularly among the young, who make extensive use of electronic communication tools” (McWhorter, n.d).

2. Describe the similarities McWhorter draws between speaking and texting.

According to McWhorter both texting and speaking ignores punctuation and capitalization. When it comes to texting no one thinks about capital letters or punctuation this is similar to speaking because when individuals speak no one thinks about capital letters or punctuation. You also find that texting is not written language. It much more closely resembles the kind of language we have had for so many more years: spoken language that is conveyed through talking. Texting is seen as fingered speech, because we can write the way we talk and it’s a very interesting thing.

3. Explain how “lol” has evolved over the years.

According to Mcwhorter, “lol’ emerged from the abbreviation of laughing out loud; however, it has come come to be something far subtler. according to him, “It’s a marker of empathy of accommodation.” Its evolution can be compared to a pragmatic particle “yo.”

4. Discuss McWhorter’s purpose for drawing a connection between various individuals from various points in time (i.e. the professor, a schoolteacher, the President of Harvard, a superintendent and a poor man, among others).

McWhorter’s has featured the use of language in different phases of life and era. For example, the use of phrases abbreviations can be used to emphasize or divert from the main topic. The use of drawing connections between various individuals is to allow an understanding of the use of language techniques in the various positions of life and periods. The various examples of people uses such as the professor, a schoolteacher, the President of Harvard, a superintendent and a poor man, among others show that everyone uses language and can be allowed to use as much as they are in line with the rules and it can be understood.

5. What is the last thing McWhorter says he would want to know if he had the ability to go into the future? What would he do with this knowledge?

Use this link to answer each question: https://www.ted.com/talks/patricia_ryan_ideas_in_a…

1. What does Ryan say regarding why the reasons for teaching English have changed?

According to Patricia Ryan, the reason teaching English has changed is because everybody wants to have an English education and those individuals who are not English native speakers have to pass a test. Additionally, English education has changed from being a mutually beneficial practice to becoming a massive international business. Part of the reason for this is the prestige associated with universities in English speaking countries so everybody wants to have an English education.

2. Discuss some of the reasons Ryan explains the TOEFL is unfair.

3. What point dos Ryan make when she tells the story about two English scientists?

4. Toward the end of her talk, Ryan talks about Evan Wadongo, a young boy from Kenya who won the Hero’s Award. What did he invent and why?

5. When Wadongo received his award, he said “The children can lead Africa from…a dark continent, to a light continent.” Why does Ryan find his words to be so significant?