Point Times New Roman Eng 112 Purdue University 2

Point Times New Roman Eng 112 Purdue University 2

Point Times New Roman Eng 112 Purdue University 2

write minimum 900 words based on the instructions



This assignment provides you with a venue for critical thinking and analysis—two skills crucial for a successful college student and global citizen—and also allows you to write both descriptively and analytically about a type of cultural text with which we are confronted constantly.

You will choose one of the commercials listed on the Wiki that interests you and write a critical analysis of the ad, using the techniques and strategies we will practice in class.

Analyze the purpose, audience, and message of your ad and what rhetorical techniques the ad uses to communicate this message. Hint—the message is probably more complex than simply: “Buy our product!” Consider the following: medium; context; audience; tone; voice; appeals to ethos, logos, and pathos; and other rhetorical tools we’ve discussed; pay particular attention to visual composition and rhetoric. Ultimately, your paper may conclude by answering this question: Is the ad effective? Why, or why not?

Essentially, you are analyzing a) the tools the ad uses to appeal to its audience and b) how effective those appeals are. Remember, I’ll have your ad with me when I look at your paper, so you don’t need to take much time summarizing the ad. Rather, focus on describing the rhetorical tools the ad implements in order to achieve its goal.

Note: I am NOT INTERESTED in whether or not you agree with the ad’s message, or whether or not you like the product featured in the ad. Including such information will damage your grade on this essay. Your goal here is to write from a nonbiased, impersonal voice and focus on how the ad works and why it uses the techniques it does, not on the merit of the product or idea featured in the ad.


The essay should be three pages minimum (12-point Times New Roman Font, with one-inch margins on all sides). No outside research is allowed. This essay should come entirely from your own knowledge and analysis. No works cited page is necessary. Please make sure to indicate in the first few sentences of your paper what ad you are responding to.

2014 Budweiser Commercial