Popular Culture Scrapbook San Diego State Univer

Popular Culture Scrapbook San Diego State Univer

Popular Culture Scrapbook San Diego State Univer

Assignment 1:

How does Cerian Jenkins’s discussion of self care relate to the keyword “neoliberalism,” and particularly the meanings of it that we have discussed in previous classes? [Hint: look at the neoliberalism keyword link inside of the Safiya Umoja Noble reading page in the “Empowerment and Its Discontents” module 2.0.]


Assignment 2:

This course will introduce you to a range of examples from popular culture, but they will necessarily only represent a very small fraction of what is out there. Consider this assignment your invitation to apply course readings, concepts, and materials to the popular culture that you consume. Any form of popular culture is welcome – please just post it in a form that we can access (e.g., a link to a youtube music video; a clip/scene from a TV show or film; or a screenshot of a tweet or meme). There is a “pinned” discussion board in which all students should post their popular culture scrapbook “entries.” Remember that you are required to post one during each of the 5 units. When you post, include an explanation of how it relates to a keyword from class and apply a direct quote/passage from a course reading to it.

Example for assignment 2


tweet from @samdylanfinch

Ever since we are little, the idea of a “binary system” is constructed into our minds. The system has consistently let us down us by failing to represent all genders in all aspects of life. As Riva Bivens states in The Gender Binary will not be deprogrammed: 10 years of coding gender on Facebook, “This analysis of the materiality of antagonistic constructions of gender in social media software offers important opportunities for nuanced and dialectic insights into the “invisibly visible,” shallow/deep capacities for the production and enactment of power in and through software-user relationships and the regulation of social life through code and design decisions”(894). There is a need to include all genders in the system to norm the idea of various gender types


you can use the video or the reading from the previous assignment that you did just recently and use it as the keyword for assignment 2.