Project Stepsonly 7 Steps University Of North Tex

Project Stepsonly 7 Steps University Of North Tex

Project Stepsonly 7 Steps University Of North Tex


Only 7 steps

1.Homestead Partners is a company that connects independent home owners with long-term renters. You work in the Customer Service Department of Homestead Partners as a data analyst. You are developing an Access database application to help manage and analyze several types of customer service data, including property and property manager effectiveness. In this project, you will improve an existing database by creating and modifying many different types of report controls. You will also format, modify, and create new reports.

Open the ManagerScores report in Layout View and add a title. Modify the title to add a space between the words Manager and Scores and bold the title. Right-align the last names in the first column Bretz, Dzambazi, Perez, Walton, and Washington. Save and close the ManagerScores report.

2.Open the Properties report in Design View and set the number of columns to 2 with a down then across layout. Save and preview the Properties report, and then close it.

3.Open the Surveys report in Design View and remove the control layout from the controls in the Page Header, Detail, and Report Footer sections. Remove the Report Header and Report Footer sections. (Hint: Select Yes in the Microsoft Access window that appears asking if you want to delete the sections.) Resize the Comment text box so that the right edge reaches the 7.5″ mark on the horizontal ruler. Save the Surveys report.

4.With the Surveys report still open in Design View, select all controls and change the font color to Automatic (black) and set the Alternate Back Color to White, Background 1 for the Detail section. Save and close the Surveys report.

5.Create a new report in Report Design View. Set the Record Source property to the Managers table. Add all of the fields from the field list to the top of the Detail section of the report at about the 2″ mark on the horizontal ruler. Save the report with the name of ManagerList and close it.

6.In the Navigation window, copy the HomeStyles report and paste it with the name HomeInfo. Open the HomeStyles report in Design View, delete the Property No label in the Page Header section and the PropertyNo text box in the Detail section. Move the LName text box slightly to the right so that the left edge is at the 4.5″ mark on the horizontal ruler. Save the HomeStyles report.

7.While still working in Design View of the HomeStyles report, add a sort order after the two grouping fields to sort the records in descending order, from largest to smallest, by the YearBuilt field. Save and preview the report as shown in Figure 1, then close the HomeStyles report