Psychology 205 Research Paper

Psychology 205 Research Paper

Psychology 205 Research Paper

Psychology 205 Research Paper. 

Objective 1: Gain experience reading and summarizing original psychological research articles.

Objective 2: Demonstrate critical thinking skills.

This assignment is an expanded type of annotated bibliography. You will find original psychological research articles from a scholarly database on a topic of your choosing (related to psychology), summarize them, discuss the research, methods, and the contribution to our understanding of human behaviour, or the mind.

This assignment has two parts:

Part 1 – Summarizing Research

Choose a topic that interests you in psychology. Flip through your textbook for ideas. Find 2 articles (researching the same topic) from the library database featuring an experiment and prepare a summary of each article. Review the “How to write an article summary” handout for instructions.

  • Your articles must be scholarly, peer-reviewed and feature an experiment
  • APA formatting is required
  • No quotes! This is a summary àparaphrase the research and use everyday language. Plagiarizing the author’s words is not acceptable.
  • **PDF copies of your articles must be uploaded to Blackboard along with your paper (or a zero grade will be awarded).

Part 2 – Evaluating Research

Compare and contrast the two articles. Your summarized two articles on the same theme; how are they different? How are they the same? Here are some suggested topics for your discussion: what contributions to the field did these studies provide? What connections or disconnections are found across the three experiments? Differences in levels of analysis? Or Methodology? What are the practical implications for this type of research? What is your recommendation for future research?

Putting it all together:

  • Use the library APA template to help with the set up and formatting of your paper
  • Your paper needs a title page and an abstract
  • The body of your paper should be 7-10 pages double spaced
  • Use APA formatted headings
  • Your summaries are to be written in a formal essay writing style. Grammar, spelling, and writing structure is important.