Public Speaking Week Grantham University Week 7

Public Speaking Week Grantham University Week 7

Public Speaking Week Grantham University Week 7

Introduction to Public Speaking – Week 7 Assignment

Persuasive Speech

Edit speech thats already provided and I will complete the video!!!!!!!!

Your week 7 assignment is to build upon the momentum of last week’s informative speech. This week, you will provide a speech that has a specific persuasive appeal embedded within it. Your goal is to use principles of effective persuasive delivery to drive your audience towards action. At the conclusion of your speech, your audience should know what you’re asking them to do (e,g., adopt a new idea, cease engaging in a particular activity, continue engaging in a particular activity, avoid engaging in a certain activity, etc.).

You must select a controversial topic for this speech. Remember to use principles of deliberating in good faith! Though you may speak on any controversial you wish, you must take a clear “side” and your argument should reflect a commitment to that side. Though you are not limited to the topics found here, you might find the ProCon website to be helpful starting place.

In your speech, you must clearly demonstrate an understanding of the models, tactics, and strategies of persuasion. It is critical that you carefully review all course content (lectures, readings, etc.) before completing this task.

Your overall speech should be 4-7 minutes in length and incorporate all of the principles of effective delivery. You will be expected to cite at least 3 academic articles on your topic. You will also be expected to follow all of the guidelines for effective speech delivery. Remember to utilize the speech evaluation worksheet to evaluate your performance on the first draft.

You should never submit your first draft as your final assignment. You must first upload your first draft speech to the discussion this week for feedback from your peers. After receiving that feedback back, apply it, and create a final draft speech to turn in for this assignment. Submit only your best. You must submit a revised final draft speech (different from your first draft posted in the discussion) as your assignment for this week – you may not submit your first draft speech as your assignment.

You must submit an outline along with your speech! Please use the outline template provided to you.

View your assignment rubric.

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Short Overview: The topic for my speech is about how to take good care of a pet and what the importance of this is, including the fact that improving the lives of animals can reduce the number of stray animals present. The reason as to why I chose this topic is because I have a lot of experience and knowledge on the subject and this topic has become a passion of mine. My hope is through my video, I can bring relevant information to people who are interested in this topic I chose.

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HI Dorenda, Persuasion is about action, you want your audience to do something at the end. How did you determine the problem/solution/action for your topic? Since this topic choice could also be informative, how will you keep the focus on persuasion?