Readiness Assessment Score Using University Of D

Readiness Assessment Score Using University Of D

Readiness Assessment Score Using University Of D

This is a POSTER PRESENTATION. The analysis needs to include the following elements

• An identified change initiative (service improvement) in healthcare or health related settings that you have either been involved in or would like to implement.

• A short rationale as to why the change was/is important and its evidence base

• A section on change readiness

• The approach to the change (planned/emergent/hybrid)

• The change model used to plan or evaluate the improvement/change

• A section on change resistance

• Recommendations, identifying what needs to be done to implement the change initiative

• Your reflection on the implications for you in leading the change.

Poster Element/section


The change initiative & SMART goal/s

Identify a change initiative (service improvement). This could be a change to address a problem, to enhance continuous improvement or to realize a new opportunity.  The scope and size of the change is not a restrictive consideration.                                                                               

• Provide some basic contextual information about the organisation/dept/service to orientate the reader as to the where the change will take place in e.g. name, main function(s), location, speciality; 

• Your role in the service

• SMART objective for the change

This section can be put as the title section to the poster

Rationale/drivers for the change, why needed

• Say why the change is important and link to evidence base, new or if current practice not in line with evidence-based practice, identify any local or national policy change/strategic drivers, audit and feedback showing need for improvement being required, staff or patient survey results. This should have supporting references. 

Readiness for change

• Identify how you have diagnosed the readiness for the change – perhaps consider using a force field analysis, SWOT, PEST and put the picture of one of them in the poster, attach the detailed versions to your submission on- line. 

• In your audio recording, ensure you discuss how you conducted this and the outcomes 

• Include a readiness assessment score using Susanto reference, again talk on this in your audio, how you came to this conclusion and the implications for the change process

Change model to be used/used

• Provide a short definition of change and change management – underpin with references.

• Identify a model for change that is suitable for your change/context, include a diagram in your poster, showing your change steps against the model

• In your audio, justify your choice and briefly debate the benefits and limitations of the model underpinning with references as you go, evidencing your understanding and depth of knowledge of their meaning and compare and contrast your organisation to them (contextualisation)

• Discuss why change efforts fail, and any specific issues/concerns for this change initiative

• Discuss how to overcome these failures (linking to theoretical perspectives) these could include failure to fully create readiness/lack of analysis of the need for change/not using an appropriate approach or model of change etc  

• Show how you would manage the change through the model e.g. if you choose Kotters 8 steps – then discuss what actions you would take as a manager or leader of change in each of these steps

• Identify any ethical issues you may come across as leaders/managers for the change and how you would address these

Managing resistance

• What is the potential or actual resistors to change that you have identified? Refer back to your SWOT analysis and any theory on resistance to change.

• Ensure you discuss how you would manage resistance to change – link this to what theory suggests and reference them 

Recommendations for implementation 

• Make robust recommendations on how you would approach the change

Leadership reflections

• You should reflect on your key learning around managing and leading organisational change

• What would be (or were) the leadership challenges for you in this change process?

Reference list and bibliography

• Short reference list in Harvard style which identifies your in-text references – remember this is in alphabetical order

• You should include a bibliography if appropriate