Real Life Fsm 4160 Foodservice Beverage Strate

Real Life Fsm 4160 Foodservice Beverage Strate

Real Life Fsm 4160 Foodservice Beverage Strate

This operational case study focuses on Ruth’s Hospitality and a SWOT analysis completed on the company by Marketline in 2018. The case study provides a positive example of SWOT and allows each student an opportunity to review and analyze a “real life” SWOT application. Each student will practice applying and analyzing SWOT as a strategic planning tool. A second purpose is to facilitate use of SWOT data to inform managerial recommendations. Consider this a practice assignment prior to completing your term project.

There are four parts to the assignment. Each part requires an analysis and development of answers to several questions. Answers are presented in narrative form. Use this as a guide when completing the assignment.

Part 1 Introduction – (1/2 page) use this section to introduce the case and the organization.

  • Name the organization and include
    1. A summary of the organizations business focus and their market niche (what they specialize in)
    2. The number of units (stores) they operate as of January 1, 2020
    3. Total company sales for the previous fiscal year (2019)
  • Provide a summary of the organizations mission, vision, and values

Part 2 Application of Foodservice Concepts – (1/2 page) use this section to provide an overview and summary of the organization and its place in the foodservice industry.

  • List the organizations segment competitors. What companies occupy the organizations strategic group? Where does the organization fit within its competitive group?

Part 3 Application of Managerial Skills – (1 or 2 pages) use this section to review the previously completed SWOT analysis provided in the case study materials:

  • Review each of the items listed in the four SWOT categories: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats and complete a written review. Are the findings presented in the organizations SWOT analysis from 2018 still accurate? You will have to review all case study materials and conduct online research including a visit to the organization website and a review of recent news stories about the organization to answer this question.
  • Produce an updated SWOT table based on your findings.

Part 4 Application of Values – (1 page) use this section to assess the organizations performance in alignment with mission and values and your recommendations for improving performance.

  • Write a narrative that describes whether the organization’s performance aligns with its mission and values. Does the data you gathered about the organization including your review and update of their SWOT analysis suggest the organization is living up to its values?
  • List one recommendation for improving the performance of the organization based on your analysis and findings.