References Page Using American Hrmn 395 Universit

References Page Using American Hrmn 395 Universit

References Page Using American Hrmn 395 Universit

1. Determine core requisite competencies for the organization and differentiate a total rewards program to attract, retain, and motivate employees possessing the organization’s required competencies

In this assignment, you will design and share a MS PowerPoint presentation that describes the organization where you work or some other organization with the exception of Disney, Google, or Hershey, its current and future challenges, its capabilities, and the requisite (required) competencies needed for its success. You will look for and report on examples of the existing total rewards programs to include monetary, non-monetary, and the work environment (including values and culture). The MS PowerPoint presentation will include a report on existing metrics (measurements that are organizational or HR ones) if any are present. If citations or Web site materials are used, in-text citations and sources presented on a References page using American Psychological Association (APA) format are expected. This information can be used in the final paper (the final assessment which is a plan to change the organization’s total rewards programs). It is expected that at least three references from the course materials will be used in addition to any other sources used.

At the least, this MS PowerPoint Presentation will include:

1. Academic Title Slide

2. Introduction and Purpose for the Presentation

3. Description of the Organization

4. Capabilities of the Organization (what the organization does best)

5. Requisite (required) Competencies of the Employees (such as knowledge, skills, abilities, education)

6. Current and Future Challenges for the organization in general or for recruiting, hiring, retaining, and engaging employees

7. Academic Definition of Total Rewards Programs

8. Description of Existing Total Rewards Program (include Monetary, Non-Monetary and Work Environment rewards)

9. Existing Metrics that Evaluate the Success of the Total Rewards Program (if you do not locate any, just state that)

10. Conclusions (summary and recap of the findings)

11. References Page (with a minimum of three references listed in alphabetical order from course materials in addition to any other sources used)