Related Objects Art Question

Related Objects Art Question

Related Objects Art Question

I want to tell the tutor that he/she to read the information carefully please you must find a open museum in San Diego please.

ART 357: NonWestern Art Paper Assignment

Due to Covid closures, this semester we are having a virtual museum instead of an inperson museum visit. This has worked well for the past two semesters. If the museums reopen in time, I may post an alternate assignment for those who feel comfortable. Due date: Sunday March 21.

Please write a 34(doublespaced,12 point font) page summary of your visit using the questions below as your guide. You may exceed the 3 pages, but don’t make it too long.

For this assignment you will explore and analyze the British Museum’s virtual tour, the Museum of the World.

Spend a good long time learning how the site operates and looking at the various timelines, categories and objects. Just as you might spend an hour or two at an actual museum, do the same here.

In an essay format, paragraphs etc., (without listing the questions,) address the following topics:

A. How does the Museum of the World virtual tour work?

Is it userfriendlyeasy to figure out? What did you like/dislike about the virtual experience?

What is its theoretical purpose or aim?

What are the theme groupings of the objects?

Did you find anything that relates to our course material so far?

B. After exploring many objects, themes, timelines, select one object from each geographic area from different time periods to discuss and analyze: Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe, Oceania

What did you select and why? Identify each object, what theme was it located under, what was the approximate date, what country/region was it from?

Describe/analyze each object a bit (click on the work to enlarge).

Didactic Materials: What kind of information was provided in the text box next to the object? How did that differ from the audio information?

Were the “related objects” useful suggestions?

What was your favorite object of everything you saw, why did you like it or find it interesting?

Minirubric: you will be graded on:

•how thoroughly you have explored the website, as evidenced by your discussion of the site

• the variety of objects you explore

• how carefully you have examined and thought about their individual object entries, as evidenced by your discussion of them

• how well written, organization, grammar, spelling, syntax. If writing is not your strong suit, work ahead of time and contact the SDSU Writing Center for assistance, and make sure you give them the assignment prompt:

Please upload your work to the Turnitin Assignment modulecheck the similarity index to make sure you are not plagiarizing the British Museum site and are citing correctly. Here is our library citation guide and plagiarism instructional page:…