Report Structure

Report Structure

Basic structure of a report

Reports vary significantly depending on their objectives. However, the basic structure is as shown below.

Title page

  • The report’s title
  • Title of the assignment
  • Student’s name
  • Student’s number
  • Course code and title
  • Date of Submission

Executive Summary

  • Entails a brief outline of the report in its entirety

Table of Contents

  • A list of the sections (both major and minor) of the report and their respective page numbers


  1. Setting the scene; giving some background information regarding the topic
  2. Stating the purpose/aim of the report
  3. Outlining the structure (what will be discussed in the report)


  • Main body of the report where the arguments are presented for recommendations
  • The discussion is presented in a logically by use of headings and sub-headings that concisely breaks it up for clarity


  • Brief summary of the report and judgment


  • Explicitly stating what the recommendations are after the conclusion

List of References

  • A complete list of ALL sources used in the report
  • Use the appropriate referencing style as instructed
  • All references listed MUST feature in-text (references not included in-text should not be included)
  • The references should be alphabetically listed with clear spacing

Appendices (where appropriate)

  • Entails all the information used in the report but not included in the body